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    What should I do after suffering losses caused by adverse recommendation?

    My last name is Zhang. I come from Nanjin, Jiangsu. I like trading stock at my leisure time. In this June,I was pulled into a stock group,in which there were 2 teachers who taught stock.Chatting with us, he taught us earning money by stock investment.He also gave me one-to-one analysis on stock.Having taught for some while,he said that the market was volatile and recommended us their platform.He asked us to deposit money into the platform to earn big money.Having seen that more and more person making profits,I deposited 1000000 yuan to trade followed by teacher without being resistant to the temptation.I did make profits on beginning days.On June 16, the teacher told us to add positions to make greater profits.I deposited another 200000 yuan, but suffering huge losses, with only 70 thousand left. I felt something abnormal which I was reluctant to believe subconsciously.Additionally,whenever I made a loss,the salesman and order-recommendation teacher of the platform would talk nonsenses on terminology and urge me to add fund gain more profits than losses.I added fund to 300000 yuan in total.After making a loss of 450,000 yuan,my remaining 360,000 was in the status of closed position.I realized that I have been cheated and wanted to have a withdrawal.But the analyst asked me to add 90,000 RMB for the withdrawal.

    The following is the original
    我姓张,江苏南京人,平时喜欢炒股投资,2020年6月在家的时候有个陌生人添加我好友,并把我拉进一个股票的交流群,里边的老师每天讲股。老师时不时会发跟咱们聊聊天,教咱们怎么炒股挣钱。    在线下也会单独给我持有股票解析,感觉老师的选票准确率还挺高的,并且谈股票感觉非常专业。讲了一段时刻之后,就说股市行情不好不挣钱。之后就让咱们到他们渠道进行操作,说能够带大家伙赚大钱!让咱们入金操作。我刚开始的时候打算考虑考虑在做,后来看到群里赚的人越来越多,每天都有人在群里丢一些盈余的喊单截图。虽然怀疑可是架不住盈余引诱,我就入金10万元跟着老师做单,几天内总是在盈余的。    在6月16号的时候,老师叫咱们加仓,说今日会有大盈余,没忍住引诱的我有加仓到了20万,结果亏本到了7万了,我感觉到了不对劲可是潜意识里不愿意信任,并且每次亏本后,该渠道业务员和喊单老师都会给我画饼,讲一大堆专业术语,诱导催促我加金,说是加大资金量,加重仓位,获取更大收益,一把赚回之前的损失并且还有多的。就这样,我从入金到加金,总共投有45万,亏本了36多万,还9万多的单子一直是处于锁仓状况,我意识到自己被/骗



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