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    FXKWPpok4106 Trader
    Released in China

    Induced investment(it is still unknown whether it is a fraud platform)

    1, the platform claimed to hold a bonus-giving activity, and the bonus can also be withdrawn. That is totally opposite to the the situation referred by the following informant.
    2, a customer service supporter, named Li Panpan, said their company is based in Tianjin province. She may introduce the company or office, but when it came to the detailed address, the supporter minced words and didn’t answer the question.
    See the screenshots for detailed information

    The following is the original
    1.这个平台号称有赠金活动,赠金也可以进行出金。 2.一位名叫李潘潘的客服宣称他们的公司在天津,可能是推公司或者办事处吧,但问到具体地址,这位的客服一直闪烁其词,不能告知。 具体情况参见截图



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