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    Unable to withdraw HARBOR FX

    They are unethical and look like scammers. Dont proceed with my BTC withdrawal and dont reply emails. They have taken my money from the wallet account and didnt sent to my btc wallet. so basically i dont see my money anywhere. SCAMMERS!!!!

    MrTrader Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw HK Fortune
    scam $10K

    At first, I can withdraw. after I deposited $10K they said tax bill and couldn’t. I asked them to show me the tax bill and no replies. I was introduced by the girl online. I think I’m kinda fall into romance scam. Then I researched that their graphs are different than other brokers, easily to get margin calls and blown out.

    FXYPJsvi4094 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw FOGEE
    Not able to withdraw my money

    Fogee customer support asked me to deposit a margin money 1000$. I did that. Now I want to withdraw my money. They are asking me to deposit the Commission first. It has been communicated that I will pay a commission after I withdraw my profit.Please help -

    FXHFBfth6376 Published in India
    Unable to withdraw ESTA
    Bad broker

    Hello, I want to present my case. I lost my money on this esta platform and it was 100,000 pesos. They lied to me and saying that I would become a millionaire, but suddenly everything restarted and turn to zero. All the deposit, operations and withdrawal. Absolutely everything because I don't see anything.

    Published in Mexico
    Unable to withdraw Mexico
    Mexico, totally a fraud platform

    Mexico is a fraud platform. It won't withdraw the money. Please do not trust this platform anymore. The customer service is also locked and will not reply.

    148913413 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw QUOTEX
    Withdrawals are not sent

    I withdraw my funds, but Quotex is not sending my money. The status shows pending until now.

    Published in Indonesia
    Unable to withdraw CASA
    Everything is fake

    9600 pesos have been taken from me. From one moment to another, they have not allowed me to access my account and it says that the data is incorrect. This happened after I withdraw my money

    Published in Mexico
    Unable to withdraw Absa
    Totally a scam

    I have been scammed by 70,000 pesos and the customer service does not reply my messages. They also tell me that I lost everything from one day to the next and I did not even have operations on the page. It is a lie, please help me to solve it.

    Published in Chile
    Unable to withdraw Besla Market ltd
    Returns the $5000 principals

    Fraud platform scam. used a few months to share fake photos on Facebook and used celebrity effect to scam

    Published in Argentina
    Unable to withdraw FXPesa
    They have passed

    I withdrew more than $ 5000 from my Trading account on this platform. It was removed from the board, but absolutely nothing has come to my bank,. I am looking for a solution to this and I want help

    Published in Argentina
    Unable to withdraw Protrade
    Protrade is scam

    I want to express the reason why I was scammed. This company took my money($1123.90). I log in my account today and it is like the first time that everthing restart. It is so terrible. They just want to rob me and I have no answer about it.

    Published in Chile
    Unable to withdraw Ubuntu Invest
    Ubuntu Invest sick

    Scammed me for $50. The operations are finished along and the only purpose is let you lose your money as fast as possible.

    Published in Mexico
    Unable to withdraw Point
    Bad moves

    These people passed by me and they just wanted to steal my money. Everything was lost. Please help me to solve it because I have no money.It is 202,437 pesos. All operations are fake.

    Published in Colombia
    Unable to withdraw GREENSTAN
    After being induced into the quantification, you need to go through the backstage to withdraw funds, but the salesperson disappeared

    After being induced into the quantification, you need to go through the backstage to withdraw funds, but the salesperson disappeared and cannot be contacted

    Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw TR
    The platform that unable to withdraw normally

    The withdrawl can only be processed via Huobi, but the Huobi could not register for new users. It can also transfer to superior. I do not even know who is my superior. No one address this problem.

    FXGCHxfd0523 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Atlas Forex
    Withdrawal has not arrived for a year and a half since the withdrawal application

    Certainly, the Atlasforex spread (figure 1) introduced by the person who became famous for a while on Twitter and disappeared is narrow and the contract is solid, so I thought it would be good and used the account opening bonus. I started trading around May 2020, and the bonus of about 100 dollars became the balance as shown in figure 2. After that, I hear some strange rumors that Atlasforex cannot withdraw money. Originally, I was trading with the opening bonus, so I thought it would be the worst, but if I still made a profit, I applied for withdrawal at the time of figure 3. Even after about 2 weeks, I did not receive money and when I made an inquiry, I got a reply as shown in figure 4. I have received a reply that it takes about 7-10 days (figure 5) for bank transfer. About two months have passed and the withdrawal has not been arrived yet, so when I made an inquiry again, they insisted that it was a problem on the BANK side due to the coronavirus. (figure 6) It says that the withdrawal procedure has been completed, but as shown in figure 2, the balance has not changed and it seems that the withdrawal process has not been processed. Then, when I made an inquiry about withdrawal again in October, I was in the process of confirming with the department in charge that the withdrawal continuation should have been completed. (figure 7) After that, I made inquiries several times, but I gave up just by resending the template of figure 7. And as of December 1, 2021, no withdrawals have been arrived.

    nanashi Published in Japan
    Unable to withdraw GHC
    Return the principle

    GHC unilaterally announce to quit from Chinese market and freeze all the forex account. Now, It is unable to withdraw and delete the account.

    FXOHYhke3279 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Mexico
    Mexico is fraud platform

    Mexico is a fraud platform and not allowing to withdraw. They closed their website so please do not trust this platform. I had reported to the police so report it if you have same problem. Do not let this fraud platform keep scamming others.

    148913413 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw THE RIDGE
    Fraud forex

    VP Private Wealth clone company set a romance scam. They had been closed platform and absconded with money

    苗苗 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw PROSPERO MARKETS
    Prospero Markets has processed the withdrawal, but the it is passed agreed time and has not arrived yet.

    The customer service of Prospero Markets says that it needs to pay 20% tax in order to withdraw. Because of there are too many requests of withdrawal, you need to deposit 18000USD to upgrade to premium member and process withdrawal from express channel. Then, they also said that the green channel can be opened and arrived in 24 hours with a deposit of 17500USD. But, it has been five days, the customer service staff said that the financial department is arranging the withdrawal for you, and it has not arrived for a long time. I am very worried.

    FXIUQodi6195 Published in Japan
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      • Scam
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