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    Scam LEGO
    I trusted LEGO SINCE in 2019, But they broke that trust.

    I am slowly loosing hope. Looks like a ponzi pyramid scheme, where they are either waiting for new client money to pay old client's money (OR) they are short of cash altogether and delaying bankruptcy. I am slowly loosing hope. Looks like a ponzi pyramid scheme, where they are either waiting for new client money to pay old client's money (OR) they are short of cash altogether and delaying bankruptcy. I trusted LEGO SINCE in 2019. Not anymore. But not anymore since 2020, I have been waiting for them to process my withdrawal request.

    FXXTLpyn9582 Published in Philippines
    Scam Bull Sphere
    I spent my last money to FX Broker name Bull sphere.

    I deposit almost all of my last money amounting $1500 for a good start. I made a good profit of the deposited money in 4 months. But after 5 months they are starting to be rude. Sometimes they never answer my emails. That’s why I decided to withdraw all the money including my profit. But my request for withdrawal was rejected. And now there are ignoring me.

    Rey Published in Philippines
    Unable to withdraw IQ Option
    Still waiting for $67,002 over 2 months after the withdrawal request.

    I request for my withdrawal in IQ Option, i struggled to speak to the Manager, He told me after months of Cysec investigation, it would on Feb. 29 I can received my money back. Until now I haven't received any money, But more in official email from them telling me that i was under investigation for 'abusive trading activity'. After i tried to make an official complaint. It's obvious, there's something very who with the company if i cannot return funds back to clients.

    FXGURelq2677 Published in Philippines
    Scam BTCSWAP
    This broker is a legit scammer.

    They keep telling me that. my account is under investigation and I already got the final response from BTCSWAP. My withdrawal requests are still pending for a months and no one from BTCSWAP is able to give a reply for my queries. There Manager has sent a message to me stating that he is leaving the company as he cannot handle that much pressure of clients asking for withdraw of their funds.

    Rey Published in Philippines
    Unable to withdraw OctaFX
    Do not believed the sweet words of a Scammer.

    This woman chatted with me on telegram and she told me that she could help me in making money online. I deposited $300into the account, And after a 3 months my last check of my account it has $3000 but now I cannot access the account, and she no longer responds to any messages from me.

    FXXTLpyn9582 Published in Philippines
    Scam NYFX
    Maliciously make the caster lose money!

    There is no apology, and no compensation measures. Since it is a platform system problem, why the platform does not repair the system to appease the customer, nor does it make any compensation. Instead, it returns to the empty order at a high position the next day, causing my loss to be even more severe. , Makes me suspect that the platform is maliciously letting the posers lose money

    FXVOUlae8666 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw EM
    EM scam my hundreds thousands of dollars

    I met a female manager on the Internet who said that she was an agent of EM's gold and foreign exchange trading platform. She asked me to fry gold on her platform. In it, I transferred 300,000 in, just three months. She asked me to add a little bit a month when there was a profit during the period. By October, I lost all losses and blocked my friends. Don't fund it anymore.

    FXWNAbui8890 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw Dukascopy
    cannot withdraw !its a SCAM!

    The platform customer service said that my bank card information was incorrectly filled, and I needed to pay a deposit of up to RMB 50,000 in order to have the opportunity to modify the wrong information and reapply for withdrawal.In order to get the money back in the account as soon as possible, I had to do it. Unexpectedly, after paying this sky-high margin, the withdrawal was still rejected by the platform, and even the account was maliciously frozen.

    FXVOUlae8666 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw ChamberFX
    I can’t stand this platform anymore!

    I was not allowed to withdraw funds for various reasons. The customer service responded that I contacted the payer, saying that the payer did not reply, and was unable to determine the speed of the payer’s handling of the matter, so he kept shirking his responsibility and did not respond positively to this no withdrawal. It’s been a week since I was able to withdraw funds. I can’t stand this platform anymore. If you are doing foreign exchange in Chamberfx, let’s go quickly.

    FXVOUlae8666 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw Ace
    The AIX cannot withdraw money at all!

    I applied for a withdrawal on December 30, but the platform rejected my withdrawal. I was confused at the time. I did not conduct any illegal operations, hedging orders, delayed transactions, etc., I went to find this The clerk on the platform asked me why I couldn’t withdraw money, but they never responded. I couldn’t take out all my money in it. It’s been February, and I’ve been looking for them every month, but I can’t find anyone. It’s a scam. Crime, everyone, stay away from this platform carefully!

    FXWNAbui8890 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw Marketbrokers
    karabo 24Fx market

    24Fx market said i must paiy R2000 for pending fees and i refuse since 04 August until 2day they keep saying you wil get your profit i decided to cal them and ask for my money they sent me the naked picture and they are demanding more money

    FXACBhuv6382 Published in South Africa
    Scam SVOFX

    First of all, I said to take me to manage money and then I want to deposit, then I asked the customer service, and then the customer service provided a bank account and then asked you to bank transfer, and then said that the link to the gold payment was downloaded for me, the so-called SVOFX hi remittance, I earned it the first night and then After the cash was received, I went to the top and cast 36,500 back and forth. Anyway, when I think about it now, I don’t understand why I was deceived by 36500 when I believed the scammer. After three days, the SVOFX customer service disappeared. Then I finally wanted to withdraw the money that I couldn’t withdraw. I knew I was cheated.

    FXWNAbui8890 Published in Malaysia
    Scam Fake LMAX

    I used the account operation to obtain profit, so I relaxed my vigilance, according to Kenny's introduction, downloaded the fake LMAXFX platform, and notedThe book account began to recharge, and the principal and profit were withdrawn in the first two transactionsKenny also fooled me to download the so-called "Love Acceleration App", claiming that it could increase the speed of transactions and profitability; he continued to encourage me to invest more funds.Said it is to accumulate capital for a happy married life in the future. In the end, I invested a total of 160,000 and made a profit of more than 270,000, but found that the withdrawal failed"Boyfriend" Kenny can’t be reached either

    FXVOUlae8666 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw Fake GKFX Prime
    I was fooled by the black platform!

    In the early days, I also came to the GKFX platform, hoping to have a pleasant transaction here. However, I originally traded normally, but when I wanted to withdraw my principal and profit, I received an email from the platform. GKFX Prime claims that IThe transaction was carried out at the normal price, which was an illegal transaction, and I was deducted privately. At this time, I realized that I was fooled by the black platform! However, when he complained about the customer service again, the customer service disappeared.

    FXSEMfdb5739 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw UNITED

    fraud by inviting to join and will get a bonus, until now the funds cannot be withdrawn. If you want to withdraw, you are told to pay taxes first. I checked, it turned out that this company was formerly from Darkas. please help if anyone can help me withdraw my $4000 money. The perpetrator promises that if you enter $2000, you will get $1000 free. I attach proof

    FXPFHryb0841 Published in Indonesia
    Scam TR
    Avoid sending money to these Fraudsters.

    They will not return your money back. I would never trust them with a cent of my money again. I fell for their scam strategies and opened my account, they offered nice incentives and profits on investments. An account manager reached out to me and convinced me to fund the account for investing. I deposited a total of 1000USD into the account, thinking i would be reaping my profit within a few weeks. I requested for my money after a month after few losses, to which i was told to pay undiscussed tax fees. I was still denied my capital back even after paying the charges. I called the manager and customer support endlessly for days without any response. This got me spooked and i reported them to the FCA whom informed me that TR is unlicensed FX Broker.

    Rey Published in Philippines
    Unable to withdraw Fxstock Trades
    Fxstock Trades cannot withdraw funds!

    I recharged at Fxstock Trades. When I made a profit, the platform dodges the platform’s security mechanism to reject my withdrawal, and I have to pay 20% of the account to allow me to withdraw. That woman is also Disappeared, isn't this an obvious money scam? Exposure of Fxstock Trades here today, everyone sees this platform stay away!

    FXWNAbui8890 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw FBS
    This Brokers is a cheater, Not good for investments!

    I want to send a complaints for this "broker" this is an organization that acts as a criminal group that used any ruthless way to its customers and partners. I already knew about their problems as a broker but they convinced me to promote them to my clients and then they did not pay me. I know for a lot of clients that is cheated from this broker and I think It should do something like that brokers be closed so as to protect the people of this fraudulent organization.

    FXGURelq2677 Published in Philippines
    Severe Slippage ThinkMarkets
    ThinkMarkets platform quotation error for no reason!

    The GBP on ThinkMarkets platform gapped 150 points for no reason. I have checked that other platforms don’t have this K-line gapped by 150 points at all. This wash is too obvious. The platform customer service also refuses to admit or compensate for this. Fortunately, If you placed an order with a stop loss at the time, otherwise you will lose a lot of liquidation. Everyone must pay attention to the ThinkMarkets platform.

    FXWNAbui8890 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw NetoTrade
    I can long in and see the amount of money but I cannot refund it.

    Netotrade called me to several times and I was afraid to participate and then I decided after long time to start with minimum amount 200$ and when I am paying something happened as if they can see me, they took the double of the amount. after a while another guy as trying to convince me to pay 15,000PHP. I suddenly felt something wrong, The second day they called me again and I told him Named DR. Dyaa let start buying stocks, I refused and told him I want my money back since that time he never call me back and there only lady who keeps telling me I forward your quest to admin. That happened three weeks ago, Thank you

    FXGURelq2677 Published in Philippines
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
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