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    FXSWWwcq7448 Trader
    Released in Singapore

    Fraud group - Scam with a clone name

    New Scam With investment. I share it with u so you can avoid being cheated. Someoney will teach u how to invest in a group chat. Deposit $100 and you can make three orders at the same time everyday, each order can profit 45. What u should do is to follow teachers’ tips. The first few orders can be profitable. But when u wanna keep investing you should add money. But at that time, you will begin to lose money. This is my own experience, yo u can share with each other! Can deposit funds but can’t withdraw.

    The following is the original
    老千集团 - 利用别家的招牌诈骗(IBH ASSETS)
    New Scam With investment 来来来新的scam,分享出去免得家人受骗.现在的行情也是很多人需要现金的时候.游戏是这样开始的.Facebook ads 会有这个投资学堂, IBH ASSET LOGO。教你如何Register最后会入群跟老师学习如何操做跟单。 入金是100美元。每天同—个时间做3次的小单一次可以赚45。只需要跟老师的tips XAUUSD Sell 60S 50 立刻买入如果操盘可以跟老师报名。最低是500美元。每一天都会提高 。 老师初次那几单就会给你盈利等到你不夠资金又想跟单的时候你就必须加钱再和老师操盘。这时候就会有很多的状况出现让你损失。以下是我的经验。大家要分亨噢! - 每次都用不同的号码,汇率出入金4.25. 有得进无法拿出。



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