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    露娜最强 Trader
    Released in China

    Expose the Ponzi scheme

    The net friend asked me to invest forex after we chatted for some time.But I felt something wrong when I entered the web. (The QR code showed in the fist picture). 1. It's virtual currency. 2.The trading procedure is so simple. 3. No regulation system. Luckily, I didn't lose money. And I suspect thet this net friend used someone else's photos!

    The following is the original
    网友聊得好好的,让加入炒外汇 一进去网站(网站链接是图一的二维码)就感觉不对劲,1、不是外汇是虚拟货币;2、操作交易手续过于简单;3、没有网站监管机制 但是不敢相信居然自己真的遇到诈骗犯,只有新闻上看到呀还好机智没有损失,请大家一定要注意! 照片的人我都怀疑他是用其他人的假照片,真是太缺德了!



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