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    Unable to withdraw IIGFX
    can't withdrawal my money

    I can't withdrawal I have so many aspectations but I don't sucesssfull I think its scam or not plz some body tell me about this

    FXXYBeim9434 Published in Pakistan
    Unable to withdraw Richness Empire

    Do not trust people (especially Chinese) who offer to teach you how to make money. They will make you invest 1000 or more dollars on this scam broker, onlyto find out that you won't be able to withdraw your earnings. Tried contacting their customer service multiple times, and they didn't reply. The customer support e-mail address that they provided on their website is unregistered. AVOID THIS BROKER. STAY AWAY FROM PEOPLE WHO OFFER TO TEACH YOU FOREX TRADING

    FXHFHgna2968 Published in Philippines
    Unable to withdraw
    Something is wrong with my

    Hiwhat happened to crm dkmarkets, a few months ago i invested in dk trade live on mt4. after that dk trade live was no longer on mt4 and crm dkmarkets website is not available. I have sent email many times to info@dkmarkets.com and never received a response

    FXCFWsre1159 Published in Norway
    Unable to withdraw Zenfinex
    It has been half a month since I applied for a withdrawal. While I haven't received the money!!!

    I applied for withdrawal on 9th. I have contacted the customer service many times but there is no solution. Fraud platform?

    FXASYprt0021 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw OBEX
    OBEX cheats traders maliciously. You can deposit but can't withdraw. Mone will be frozen if I don't top up within the deadline.

    This broker isn't regulated

    FXRHUeta7131 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw OFMG
    Fraud platform gives no access to withdrawals

    I can’t withdraw funds for three months. No one responded. Please stay away from it.

    FXMHUdtx4803 Published in Singapore
    Unable to withdraw IBH
    Transfer and Withdrawal

    IBH is not professional. You can withdraw your funds here

    sxsx Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw ZONGXIN
    Fraud broker prevents withdrawals and embezzles money

    Please report this broker

    FXHFTmdj3136 Published in China
    Resolved Z6-fx
    Withdrawal Limit

    Ask for one million as a risk margin to release these limitations.

    晨禎 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw Alpari
    Unable to withdraw. Online fraud. Fake platform.

    Induce people to transfer money to personal account. The programmer lead u to operate. Later, I was unable to withdraw funds for wrong info. But I submitted after I confirmed it. If I wanna withdraw funds, I have to deposit again. They blacklisted me and I can’t contact them

    FXRIKtsd7139 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw eToro
    etoro account

    unable to withdraw ...

    FXLNAelg4442 Published in Philippines
    Unable to withdraw Evergrande Futures
    Unable to withdraw on Evergrande Futures

    My three applications for withdrawal have been rejected. Later, tax is required after profiting. 80,000 individual income tax is required for 400,000.

    FXVECpdt8689 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw ThinkMarkets
    Unable to withdraw

    Prevent withdrawals with various reasons. Keep pending and asking for money.

    FXTUOxgo7792 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Libertex
    Unable to withdraw. Big fraud

    A strange beauty added my WeChat and she kept posting some screenshot about profiting. I consulted her and she promised I would profit. So I deposited 50,000. Then a programmer guided me and another customer to operate for an hour. Both of us profited over 1.3 million. But my withdraw hasn’t arrived. The customer service said that my bank card number was wrong and asked for 20% of my account balance (over 260,000) as a margin. But I remember checking several times. I can’t make such mistake. At that time, I found it was a scam, cheating our hard-earned money. I report them here to help you guys stay away from them.

    FXTTWvru7689 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw TCM
    Keep an eye on it

    Do not be cheated

    FXOASaxa5959 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw XSpot
    Unable to Withdraw

    They prevent my withdrawals on grounds of compulsory settlement, international remittance certification fee and individual income tax.

    FXFQUunl2180 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Dukascopy
    Dukascopy scams

    Dukascopy prevents withdrawals with various reasons. Now funds are locked to cheat customers’ money.

    FXTSSwbh7601 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw MIEX
    Unable to Withdraw

    Insurance money was required when I was going to withdraw funds. What should I do? Help me!

    FXCLXigh1190 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw INFINOX LTD
    I was cheated on INFINOX LTD. Now I am unable to withdraw funds.

    I saw a person named Chen Shuyuan who posted screenshots of other people operating profits with them every day on WeChat Moments, following them to ensure that u would not lose money. The data is the data of the teacher team deciphering the foreign exchange platform, and then I did not resist the temptation to deposit 20,000 yuan. After earning 38 thousand in the first operation, the teacher said to extract the second set of data, but the data mentioned was 80 thousand. After the first round of operation, even the principal was only 58 thousand, saying that it was my own operation too. It’s slow, or I don’t have to make up the funds. I feel fooled, and then I withdraw my principal. The platform says that my data is abnormally frozen, and the two sets of data must be processed before I can withdraw funds

    FXECHvgi1646 Published in China
    Resolved TMG
    I couldn't withdraw money, and I paid a fee according to their explanation, but my account was frozen.

    They didn't inform me about the account freeze. I made a confirmation deposit of 20% for withdrawal according to their explanation. And I also deposited the handling fee, but they froze my account. Without any evidence or explanation.

    FXOXVcby5915 Published in India
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      • Scam
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