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    Scam FBS
    Fbs level up bonus is a scam

    To those who come across this bonus don't take it cause they are trying to profit off of your work because if you look at the trading conditions that you have to fulfill to withdraw the profit they require you trade 5 lots within 20 days and the lot size allowed is 0.01 which means you have to open 25 orders a day which is an insane amount of trades

    FXRHLvnc7048 Published in South Africa
    Scam EMXpro

    I knew this fraud via DaZhongDianPing. And I was induced to download app and trade. There was a campaign for new hand. No one told me the risk of this campaign while the fraud said I didn’t see it clearly. Too many people have been cheated here, please polish your eyes.

    FXAPWgac0355 Published in China
    Scam Traders Domain


    BigM Published in Luxembourg
    Scam DS investment Limited

    Before I knew Teacher Ma's "Ma Sheng Lun Jin" and was defrauded, another female friend was a fraudulent driver. Her name was An Yujie, Suzhou, China, and claimed to be an assistant manager of an e-commerce company. On August 25 I started to meet on Facebook and directly joined WeChat to chat together. On September 1st, she asked me to temporarily help her with the investment of virtual currency due to a business trip in the company, and introduced teacher Ma’s guidance and help until a week later, I was instructed by Ma teacher She helped her earn 10,000 U.S. dollars. Later, she introduced me to the teacher Ma team and opened an MT4 account. In addition, she sponsored 1,000 U.S. dollars for me and asked me to add some funds to deposit in virtual currency. I started with 2,000 U.S. dollars. At that time, she was not guarded and she was trusted, and she proved that she would withdraw money after earning it. Until mid-November, when she wanted to withdraw money, Mr. Ma actually said to pay a commission (September-December) once every three months. Asked her, she told me to rest assured that after paying the commission, there will be a deposit guarantee. If not, I will be compensated. I have paid it in full until December, a total of 4,060 US dollars. After waiting for a week, I received a notice from Teacher Ma that I was additionally Paying the late fee, I was panicked what was going on, so when I asked her, it had disappeared. At this time, I was not only defrauded but also emotionally deceived. I was hit too hard and I had to carry the bank loan. Although the police were reported, the money should not be recovered.

    FXPKRrci6256 Published in Macao
    Induced Fraud

    This is another contact of this compant which includes their phone number.

    FXWCDwjq8986 Published in France
    Resolved Hantec Markets
    Hantec Markets. A fraud group

    This girl said she lived in Sanmin District, Kaohsiung and graduated from Kaohsiung University with a BA in Economics, a so-called forex analyst. I deposited a million but I am unable to get the money.

    FXGWRdnj2689 Published in Taiwan
    Scam xtrade
    Totally a scam

    At the beginning, it was said that all operations were carried out by professional managers, and there were also supervisory managers who made money only when placing orders. Therefore, they would first determine the profitable investment before reporting to the customer to place the order. After the order is placed, there is also a supervision situation. If something goes wrong, the customer will immediately ask customers to withdraw their positions to reduce their losses, gain trust in the way of friends, and make sure that novice customers will have complete teaching and will have bonuses for deposits. If the loss is to use the bonus, it was originally said that it was operated by a professional manager. Some supervisory managers make money only after placing orders, so they will first determine the profitable investment before reporting to the customer to place the order. After the order is placed, there are also supervision conditions. If there is something wrong, the customer will immediately ask the customer to withdraw the position to reduce the loss. The way to gain trust also confirms that the novice customer will have a complete teaching and there will be a bonus for the deposit. If the loss is to use the bonus, the loss will not affect the amount of the deposit. At the beginning, it was all operated by professional managers and also earned by supervisory managers. Only when you place an order, you have money, so you will first determine the profitable investment before reporting to the customer to place the order. After the order is placed, there is also a regulatory situation. If there is something wrong, the customer will be asked to withdraw from the position to reduce the loss. Novice customers will have a complete teaching and there will be bonuses for deposits. If the loss is to use the bonus, the loss will not affect the amount of the deposit. I did not tell if the bonus will be withdrawn. After that, the withdrawal manager will immediately provide wrong investment information and cause the account to be serious After losing money and unsuccessful, it does not respond to users. Is there any way for a completely fraudulent company to assist in joint reporting and return the hard-earned money...

    FXSLOnhh7399 Published in Taiwan
    Scam DS investment Limited
    Unable to withdraw. The net friend and the teacher all disappeared. Don't reply to u even if they see your mesaages.

    They will put a long line to hang a big fish and you will be scammed if you are not careful. The so-called foreign exchange market analyst, Mr. Chen Xiaohan, will always encourage you to deposit. He will use different remitter accounts to let you add deposits because it is more difficult to track. It will leave traces after passing by DS imvestment limited. Sooner or later the black platform of the old group will be arrested.

    FXNFQbeo5213 Published in Singapore
    Scam MOGAFX
    The salesman herecheats all my principal

    The former salesman agreed to help me withdraw funds but they changed another salesman who asked me to delete my complaint to handle my withdrawal issue. I deleted my complaint but he hasn't replied to me anymore. Fraud broker. I wanna ask them if they have a good Spring Festival

    FXDSIryc1594 Published in China
    Scam DS investment Limited
    Please stay away from this fraud platform.

    These black-hearted liars have no conscience and inhumanity. They do not respond. Be careful. They will use your trust in her. They will deceive step by step. At first, they will come to add you WeChat or any group for no reason. Please don’t reply to the group, don’t accept it! They plan to wait for you to adjust the trap. If there are such good things. Why don’t they make it by themselves [3f] There is no such thing as a free lunch. They will always tempt you to deposit money and start investing. They will act as a master. Remember when you encounter this, please stay calm and report to the police immediately. I filed a report to the Commercial Crime Investigation Bureau and related units to open the investigation. The police also have strong evidence. I have closely followed up and reported to a big media to expose this incident and this unscrupulous black platform through a big media newspaper network to crack down and destroy them. This DS investment limited hopes that those people will be able to sunset the network early, please continue to pay attention to this incident And vigorously promote it to prevent others from being deceived. Please note that a big news network will announce it in the next few days.

    FXNFQbeo5213 Published in Singapore
    Scam IG

    The woman surnamed Liu induced me to deposit here, delaying withdrawals with various excuuses. This is a bottomless hole which cheats all my money. I've called the police and hope that te police can catch her asap. These fraud must be punished severely

    FXLJUkkk4596 Published in China
    Scam Zhongtouguoji
    Unable to Withdraw

    Freeze my account. Please stay away from this platform incase of being cheated.

    FXWMOtse9170 Published in China
    Scam Wanzhou Gold
    Deposit funds to their personal account but after that they disappeared

    At first, they told me that their system need to be upgraded. And then, the yjust disappeared.

    FXPBWosc6084 Published in China
    Scam CGS
    There will be rakeback if I follow their instructions to trade.

    At the beiginning, I can get 550 if I dpeosit 500 and 1100 if I deposit 1,000. Recently, I was told to invest 10,000, 50,000 and 100,000. But I didn't have enough money. Howerer, he asked me to borrow some money

    FXKYTuac4312 Published in China
    DE LI HUI HUAN QIU is a fraud broker which absconded. We lost all the money

    Unable to withdraw since September, 2020.

    FXVTXefk8647 Published in China
    Scam Tate Prime
    JC and JITAK induced client to add fund continuously. This 2 websites are the same. Avoid being cheated! Especially men! They've changed their name now, tate.prime. New wenbsite: https://tateprime.com

    JC and JITAK induced client to add fund continuously and gave no access to withdrawal! It has no record or qualification. Regulation number: 0527005 Australian License: 611849248. Even the qualification number is wrong! TATE.prime is a new website withich these fraud open. They changed their company name and website every couple months. In addition, the websites of JITAK and JC, namely, https://www.jitakcl.com/ and https://jcmtfe.com/, are the same. Don’t be cheated. If you have the information of the fraud(profile, image, contact, etc.), send them to my email xueyu998@yahoo.com. I will file it to the court. The website, http://jitakscam.com/, is also established by a victim to expose this fraud! Now, they have the fourth company name and web. I don’t know their new name! But be careful! Don’t invest without thinking twice! You should know it well enough!!!! You should consult via video calls and keep the chat history! If you have any other ways to expose this fraud, please expose the fraud with photos on the net to let more people know it, free from being cheated!

    FXLBKlbj4493 Published in United States
    Scam DS investment Limited
    Please stay alert and avoid being cheated. This thing hapeened to me

    A so-called famous forex analyst called Xiaohan Chen cheated my money. She claimed that she opened a travel company in China and added my WeChat for no reason. Do not trust her or chat with her. Nothing can be gained without an effort. Do not be cheated like me.

    FXNFQbeo5213 Published in Singapore
    Scam Jojo Markets
    Can't open the web. Unable to contact their customer service via phone or online chat. But you can trade noemally without withdrawal

    Can't open the web. Unable to contact their customer service via phone or online chat. But you can trade noemally without withdrawal

    财神盈门 Published in China
    Scam FXBTG
    Alleged fraud.

    Invest here with my friend. And we bound the fund management. The customer service called on the afternoone of February 16, 2021 and told that our accounts were forzen and asked for deposit to unfreeze them, otherewise, the accounts would be frozen forever. I hope the relevant department can help us solve the problem and recover the hard-earned money for us.

    FXNIEvvq5593 Published in Taiwan
    Scam JFD Bank
    Induce traders to deposit funds and make u lose money. You can't contact the fraud afterwards. Stay away from these frauds.

    I don't save our chat history so there are just some tansfer history and WeChat photos. And you should take note to protect your owm money.

    FXXPQbdu9429 Published in China
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
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