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    • Unable to withdraw
    • Severe Slippage
    • Scam
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    Others MMC
    MT4 server of MMC has been closed


    才能电动 Published in China
    Others eToro
    eToro always crashes

    Particularly in rush hour!

    FXMEFier5068 Published in Taiwan
    Others eToro
    eToro always crashes

    I an so angry

    FXQFCnob6564 Published in Vietnam
    Others eToro
    Unable to login or principal becomes zero!

    Unable to login or principal becomes zero!

    FXXACoxv9351 Published in Malaysia
    Others CPT Markets
    Unable to withdraw. Close deposit channel without notice. The customer service lied.

    They made customers lose money but they are so perfunctory

    FXQBEcgx6586 Published in Taiwan
    Others THE RIDGE
    Fake License

    The status of THE RIDGE’s license is pending which means it isn’t regulated by NFA

    FXKNQsxn4046 Published in China
    Others SKY Alliance Markets
    Customer support is very bad

    no live chat, email to default email of client@skyallmarkets.com receives no respond or automated message on issue feedback on serious operational problem. platform is not stable, some fund deposit receive email confirm, some did not receive any confirmation. have to rely on mt4's account report to keep as record. platform mentioned on CRM update and after update, 1 account went missing and backend do not aware until some trader discovered their client portal shows trading account doesnt belong to them. Most likely due to 2 person with same name (yet different ID). because of this issue, i cannot proceed to withdraw my fund. there are many operational issue still not resolved, no email respond...

    FXTTTixu7605 Published in Vietnam
    Others AvaTrade
    Unable to trade

    Request trade errors can’t place orders

    FXTYTaeg7992 Published in Nigeria
    Resolved ThinkMarkets
    There was a gap of 150 of GBP

    No such candlestick on other platforms.

    FXUVNjxb8319 Published in Malaysia
    Resolved XSpot
    Can't open the software

    Did it abscond? Is it just like PTFX?

    FXTHGpxf7947 Published in China
    Others Exness
    Unable to trade

    Unable to operate for poor internet connection.

    FXBNUtto0793 Published in Vietnam
    Others ZRF
    Prevent withdrawals. Deposit 1,000 and I profited 9,000. I was tod that I was supicious of using plugin to arbitrage so my account was locked. It has been nearly two months since their investigation. The customer service didn't reply to me.

    Slow withdrawal process.

    FXNDAkls5362 Published in Taiwan
    Others THE RIDGE
    It's been so long since the position was locked

    Is it normal?

    FXKNQsxn4046 Published in China
    Others Zhixuan
    What shoud I do? I was cheated by Zhixuan

    I was cheated of 300,000. There is some problem with their trading data with severe slippage. Many positions were wiped out for no reason. And my account wsa closed.

    FXXETmqu9276 Published in China
    Others Hustal Global
    So ridiculous, I can’t log in at all

    This situation lasts several days. The web page can not be displayed.

    FXGJCmae2697 Published in Taiwan
    Others MOLE
    MOLE server host location

    Information about MOLE server host. The contact number and location are both in CN.

    FXTCYwmw7887 Published in Taiwan
    Others LegacyFX

    I have requested several times to delete all my data and don't spam me with marketing and this company keeps doing it! Obvious a serious company WILL NEVER chase clients!! Be aware of these guys, selling signals for free means company profit when you lose, pure market maker, they only want you to lose!!!!! UNETHICAL PRACTICES!!!

    FiboMen Published in Brazil
    Others Elite FX
    They are scammers after initial investment of R6000 I had to pay R3000 for excess profits and R30000 withdrawal fees

    Elite fx

    FXWWPtcq8985 Published in South Africa
    Others Alpari
    The deposit money did not arrive and did not return to the bank account

    The deposit money was transferred. However the account showed it had been returned. There was no money in the bank account. Where is the money?

    FXTDJiff7959 Published in China
    Others IronFX
    Can't withdraw money

    Account cannot be withdrawn, and commission cannot be withdrawn. This is also called regular?

    FXDJFcvw1491 Published in China
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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