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    Imposter69 Brokers
    Released in Malaysia

    Induce investors to add funds... Froze investor’s account because the investor doesn’t want to invest...Unable to withdraw

    want to invest...Unable to withdraw
    The victim knew a girl via Tinder..who claimed she was one of the founders of Kel Li Art Gallery in Hongkong..This guy lead the victim to invest Bitcoin friendly at first.. Then the guy induced the victim to add funds to earn more.. However, froze investor’s account because the investor doesn’t want to invest.. which result in a huge loss of 30,000 or so of the victim! This guy is familiar with the operation of this platform, may be the staff of the broker! Besides, this platform gave no access to withdraw on grounds of upgrading and so many requests of withdrawal to audit.. Beware of ROCKFORT!

    The following is the original
    受害者在Tinder上认识一位女子..声称香港Kel Li Art Gallery的创办人..一开始,此人善友地带受害者一起投资比特币..后来以诱导的方式劝受害者增加资金以提高收获..最后却因受害者提出退出投资而申述冻结受害者平台账户..导致受害者损失近3万元!此人熟悉平台的运作方式,疑似交易商的内部人!此外,交易商也以平台升级、保证金审核量繁多而迟迟不出金..请大家务必提防!



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