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    锋行天下 Trader
    Released in China

    Automatically-made orders by KVB Kunlun led to great losses

    My account number is 800624. The following two problems led me a loss of nearly 6,000 dollars. First, on 2 July, CHINA300, KVB Kunlun. The platform gave no notification when the market opened at 9:30 A.M. The price of the other spot gold purchased kept moving, while there is no reaction in CHINA300, which prevented me from the best time to leave and suffered great consequent losses. Second, on 2 July, I purchased 100 Oz of XAUUSD spot gold, but the system automatically elected 200 Oz, which made my account wipe out with a loss of 1,018 dollars (Order number: 26876980 6876986 26877705). This has happened six to seven times from June to July with a loss of 10,000 dollars. Pending orders and slippages led to a loss of at less 10,000 dollars. KVB Kunlun needs to give my money back from the two accounts 800624 and 602787 with a capital of 20,173 dollars.

    The following is the original
    帐号:800624我在交易时遇到两个问题导致我亏损近6000美金。 1)07/02 CHINA300中华300 昆仑交易平台 早上09:30开盘时平台无任何反映,且购买的另外一个现货黄金价格一直在跳动而CHINA300的产品无任何反应,导致错失最佳离场时间,导致损失惨重 2)XAUUSD现货黄金,7/2买空一手,但系统自动弹出2手(两个1手)导致我一瞬间爆仓,损失1018美金(订单号:26876980 6876986 26877705 而且此种情况出现6月到7月接连出现6-7次导致直接损失10000多美金 另外还有挂单,滑点的问题导致亏损最少有10000美金 要求昆仑国际退换账号800624/602787两个账号本金20173美金



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