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    Unable to withdraw
    Something is wrong with my

    Hiwhat happened to crm dkmarkets, a few months ago i invested in dk trade live on mt4. after that dk trade live was no longer on mt4 and crm dkmarkets website is not available. I have sent email many times to info@dkmarkets.com and never received a response

    FXCFWsre1159 Published in Norway
    Others MMC
    MT4 server of MMC has been closed


    才能电动 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Zenfinex
    It has been half a month since I applied for a withdrawal. While I haven't received the money!!!

    I applied for withdrawal on 9th. I have contacted the customer service many times but there is no solution. Fraud platform?

    FXASYprt0021 Published in China
    Scam FBS
    Fbs level up bonus is a scam

    To those who come across this bonus don't take it cause they are trying to profit off of your work because if you look at the trading conditions that you have to fulfill to withdraw the profit they require you trade 5 lots within 20 days and the lot size allowed is 0.01 which means you have to open 25 orders a day which is an insane amount of trades

    FXRHLvnc7048 Published in South Africa
    Unable to withdraw OBEX
    OBEX cheats traders maliciously. You can deposit but can't withdraw. Mone will be frozen if I don't top up within the deadline.

    This broker isn't regulated

    FXRHUeta7131 Published in China
    Scam EMXpro

    I knew this fraud via DaZhongDianPing. And I was induced to download app and trade. There was a campaign for new hand. No one told me the risk of this campaign while the fraud said I didn’t see it clearly. Too many people have been cheated here, please polish your eyes.

    FXAPWgac0355 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw OFMG
    Fraud platform gives no access to withdrawals

    I can’t withdraw funds for three months. No one responded. Please stay away from it.

    FXMHUdtx4803 Published in Singapore
    Others eToro
    eToro always crashes

    Particularly in rush hour!

    FXMEFier5068 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw IBH
    Transfer and Withdrawal

    IBH is not professional. You can withdraw your funds here

    sxsx Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw ZONGXIN
    Fraud broker prevents withdrawals and embezzles money

    Please report this broker

    FXHFTmdj3136 Published in China
    Resolved Z6-fx
    Withdrawal Limit

    Ask for one million as a risk margin to release these limitations.

    晨禎 Published in Taiwan
    Others eToro
    eToro always crashes

    I an so angry

    FXQFCnob6564 Published in Vietnam
    Unable to withdraw Alpari
    Unable to withdraw. Online fraud. Fake platform.

    Induce people to transfer money to personal account. The programmer lead u to operate. Later, I was unable to withdraw funds for wrong info. But I submitted after I confirmed it. If I wanna withdraw funds, I have to deposit again. They blacklisted me and I can’t contact them

    FXRIKtsd7139 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw eToro
    etoro account

    unable to withdraw ...

    FXLNAelg4442 Published in Philippines
    Scam Traders Domain


    BigM Published in Luxembourg
    Unable to withdraw Evergrande Futures
    Unable to withdraw on Evergrande Futures

    My three applications for withdrawal have been rejected. Later, tax is required after profiting. 80,000 individual income tax is required for 400,000.

    FXVECpdt8689 Published in China
    Scam DS investment Limited

    Before I knew Teacher Ma's "Ma Sheng Lun Jin" and was defrauded, another female friend was a fraudulent driver. Her name was An Yujie, Suzhou, China, and claimed to be an assistant manager of an e-commerce company. On August 25 I started to meet on Facebook and directly joined WeChat to chat together. On September 1st, she asked me to temporarily help her with the investment of virtual currency due to a business trip in the company, and introduced teacher Ma’s guidance and help until a week later, I was instructed by Ma teacher She helped her earn 10,000 U.S. dollars. Later, she introduced me to the teacher Ma team and opened an MT4 account. In addition, she sponsored 1,000 U.S. dollars for me and asked me to add some funds to deposit in virtual currency. I started with 2,000 U.S. dollars. At that time, she was not guarded and she was trusted, and she proved that she would withdraw money after earning it. Until mid-November, when she wanted to withdraw money, Mr. Ma actually said to pay a commission (September-December) once every three months. Asked her, she told me to rest assured that after paying the commission, there will be a deposit guarantee. If not, I will be compensated. I have paid it in full until December, a total of 4,060 US dollars. After waiting for a week, I received a notice from Teacher Ma that I was additionally Paying the late fee, I was panicked what was going on, so when I asked her, it had disappeared. At this time, I was not only defrauded but also emotionally deceived. I was hit too hard and I had to carry the bank loan. Although the police were reported, the money should not be recovered.

    FXPKRrci6256 Published in Macao
    Others eToro
    Unable to login or principal becomes zero!

    Unable to login or principal becomes zero!

    FXXACoxv9351 Published in Malaysia
    Induced Fraud

    This is another contact of this compant which includes their phone number.

    FXWCDwjq8986 Published in France
    Resolved Hantec Markets
    Hantec Markets. A fraud group

    This girl said she lived in Sanmin District, Kaohsiung and graduated from Kaohsiung University with a BA in Economics, a so-called forex analyst. I deposited a million but I am unable to get the money.

    FXGWRdnj2689 Published in Taiwan
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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