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    Scam huiyuan capital pty ltd
    huiyuan capital pty ltd ruined thousands of families

    The frauds are led by Jiuwei Su from Linyi Shandong and Guangfei Wang, cheating people of hard-earned money

    还我血汗钱 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw ZONGXIN
    Fraud platform iwthout withdrawals

    Their home page is a clone of Zhongyin Global

    FXNIAoeo5451 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Fake Tickmill
    Cheat 10,000. Unable to withdraw

    Beguile people by high profits. Prevent withdrawals with many excuses!

    FXRXNjkl7087 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Goldenway Global
    Unable to Withdraw without margin

    20% of the profit should be paid as margin.

    FXQDCllk6513 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw AMA FOREX
    The fraud platform prevent withdrawals deliberately

    I was beguiled into investing in AMA FOREX. At first, the deposits and withdrawals were available. But later, you can’t withdraw funds. The customer service didn’t reply to my questions.

    FXAUGvrj0102 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Traders Domain
    Don’t approve my request for withdrawals. SCAMMERS!!!!!!

    I tried to withdraw my funds but they don’t approve it. I want them give me an explanation but they even didn’t reply to my email.

    MrTrader Published in France
    Scam MIEX
    I was cheated of 300,000

    Fraud website, https://www.miexonline.com/web/down/hb does not allow withdrawals. To induce investors to make money directly on the scammer's platform, one payment is 100,000 yuan. All kinds of coercion and lure. I have lost 300,000 in. I don't know what to do.

    FXBANpww0460 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Zhongrong
    Fraud platform

    Now the recharge of this platform is normal, but customers are not allowed to withdraw funds. I hope that the relevant departments will investigate carefully!

    FXWPVxmr8851 Published in China
    Severe Slippage Spring
    Can't withdraw funds without paying taxes

    A tax of 22.7 percent is required to withdraw money. I paid 30,000

    FXSKBhfi7519 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw FXCN
    Unable to Withdraw

    Scam group! ! Previously, the FXCN platform had changed the Topfc Banking Coproration location, Hong Kong Sar IP Address:, with a tax fee of 20% and a notary fee of 500 US dollars. . . The withdrawals have not been accounted until now. I also said that the money has been remitted, and it has been blocked by the financial department of our country. I said that I need to pay another two thousand three dollars to get the account, but I went to the bank to check and the bank said There is no money to be transferred. . . Now I don’t know what to do. This is the first time I withdraw cash. There is still a sum of money in my account that has not been withdrawn yet. . . Is there any way to help me

    FXDWKstn1456 Published in Malaysia
    Others CAPTAINFX

    Manipulate numbers at the same time! I have watched it several times! numbers in the chart ran up and down, and the number of the platform stood still, especially the forex code suggested by the floor staff.

    FXHLXtom2949 Published in Vietnam

    Manipulate numbers at the same time! I have watched it several times! numbers in the chart ran up and down, and the number of the platform stood still, especially the forex code suggested by the floor staff.

    FXHLXtom2949 Published in Vietnam
    Unable to withdraw QIVIUT
    Unable to Withdraw

    I use the QIVIUT platform in MT4, the website is https://cn.qclindex.com/, the deposit is 49,000 US dollars, there is 54646 US dollars in my account, and then I asked for a withdrawal, they use various reasons to prevent me from withdrawing funds, QIVUIT refers to it as a system update, but it has been more than 3 days and it was completed today. Now the customer service tells me that I need to deposit up to 66,000 US dollars to withdraw funds. What should I do now?

    FXUYFdgv8059 Published in Taiwan
    Scam RELY
    Unable to Withdraw. Induced Fraud

    I saw a picture of a person with the account name goodwillhunting.90s buying and selling Bitcoin on Instagram. Through communication, he recommended me to buy and sell in RELY and would teach me how to buy and sell. Deposit 200,000 in RELY on December 30, 20, and start trading Bitcoin on RELY on the mt5 platform on December 31. Under the guidance of this person, buy and sell at the same time, and the profitable party closes the position. Then I bought it again. One hour after I started the transaction, I suddenly couldn’t make the transaction. I asked the WhatsApp contact person of RELY, Cherrie Lee. I replied that my security deposit was insufficient, so my account was frozen and I had to deposit 335,000 Hong Kong dollars to unfreeze. At first, I felt that it was my mistake and deposited 350,000 Hong Kong dollars to unfreeze. Afterwards, I successfully unfrozen on January 6th. I continued to trade. How did I know that my account was frozen again after 1 hour, and I asked her again, also saying that my security deposit was insufficient for the same reason. This time I need to deposit 200,000 yuan to unfreeze. I think I can get it back after unfreezing. Because as far as I know under normal circumstances, even if I deposit how much money, if I don’t trade, I can get it back. Why don’t I know that when I told him to withdraw the money, she told me to reach a certain These conditions are sufficient. Because there are no such restrictions under normal circumstances, I think I was scammed by this company. I can’t get this money back and I don’t want another victim

    FXRXEmag7118 Published in Hong Kong
    Unable to withdraw ZONGXIN
    Fraud platform doesn't give access to withdrawals

    The money earned is not allowed to withdraw, and the platform is completely a fraud platform. I'll call the police with the evidence prepared

    FXHFTmdj3136 Published in China
    Others Fake Tickmill
    Do not trust any forex markets. All frauds

    Don’t trust these people, lie to me step by step and ask me to pay various fees

    FXFIUova2188 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw CPT MARKETS UK
    Unable to withdraw

    My husband registered an account with the website, and found that it was the website in the CptMARKETS Uk platform. At the same time, he could ask the customer service on the Cpt Markets platform to find the account. I seriously suspect that the two platforms are scammed by partnership (perhaps one). CptMARKETS Uk is a platform for trading. The balance is more than 70,000 US dollars. I applied for a withdrawal of 30,000 US dollars on January 13, 2021. I have not seen the account. During this period, I have been contacting customer service from many parties. I found that there is something tricky between the two platforms. , My husband has only registered once! The customer service contacted on January 18th passed the review after responding to the customer service for the first time, and asked to pay attention to the situation of the funds arrival. But after waiting for a day, the funds have not arrived in the account. I responded, and then asked the customer service in the CptMarkets platform, saying that we found our account but did not apply for the withdrawal record, which made me very puzzled! The customer service saw that we sent pictures to them to check, and then waited for another day. I can’t log in my account directly in the morning on the 21st, and I can’t log in to MT4 (my husband is still making orders on the evening of the 20th, and he has already achieved more than 80,000 US dollars, because I have always believed that they can solve this problem) reset my password After trying many times, I still can’t log in. Later, the customer service asked to send an email to set a new password before logging in. After logging in, there was only 3.2 dollars left. The original more than 80,000 dollars are gone! Be wary of everyone to polish your own Be careful with these two platforms, don’t be fooled!

    FXKVRfuf4396 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw ZONGXIN
    Unable to withdraw

    The scam company, the stock lecturer inside allows retail investors to open an account on this platform to deposit funds, but they cannot withdraw or withdraw them later.

    FXMABwcn5011 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Forex-U
    The trading commision can't be withdrawn,

    The customer’s account was suddenly frozen, and the transaction was due to the unreasonable platform rules. When the 0.1 lot of the transaction was suddenly traded to 5 lots and 10 lots, the account was frozen. My commission account is really outrageous.

    FXXRVvqn9537 Published in China
    Others CF GLOBAL
    CF GLOBAL is a fraud platform. Let’s call the police!

    False trading. Manipulation in the background. Close positions compulsorily with no reason. Delay deposits when the market fluctuates greatly

    FXKLSigi4200 Published in China
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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