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    Others IB
    Lots of complaints.

    A client has complained about the very poor customer service of this broker and also claimed they do not allow transfer and steals people's money.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Unable to withdraw Rifa
    Unable to withdraw

    The company convinced us to invest in order to get profits. When we wanted to withdraw, it asked for many fees. There were various excuse. Please stop deposit to avoid suffering losses.

    FXKRTgur4116 Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw ForexChief
    Withdrawal failure.

    A client has his account blocked after he requested withdrawal of a petty amount.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Unable to withdraw Richness
    The female scammer Wendy from Hong Kong International Financial Center

    Please do not trust her or deposit. You will be unable to withdraw.

    FXNRWuxn5286 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw Jiasheng International
    A Chinese scammer on Tinder

    I first met him called Kong Ruilei on Tinder and chatted on Line. He led me to foreign exchange with his rich characteristic. He provided me $100 to deposit and I gained $10. The next day I deposited $150 again and gained $30. The last day I deposited $100 and he gave me $2,900. I gained $14,800 so he asked for $3,000. When I wanted to withdraw, I had to pay 5% tax, $744. Finally, I lost $1,500,000.

    FXNBTwqx5510 Published in Indonesia
    Scam MCFX

    Mcfx,actis and leadmax belonged to a group of scammers including Zhang Tao and Liujun. Many investors in Hangzhou, Hefei and Liuan have reported their scams. Please punish them.

    FXVOEvex8729 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw RoboForex
    Unable to withdraw

    I deposited on RoboForex but was unable to withdraw because the application was under review.

    FXIVRjhv3430 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw FREE INVESTMENT
    This is an absolutely scam company

    It is impossible to withdraw any cash >$10,000. Avoid this platform at all cost.

    FXODSopp5702 Published in United States
    Scam Tate Prime
    JITAK, JC and tate.prime (https://tateprime.com) used different names to scam. They induced deposits. Unable to withdraw.

    They pushed you to deposit with scams and high profits. When you wanted to withdraw, they would ask you to pay a lot of fees such as margins, taxes and handling fees, or cheat you with wrong bank account. Finally you lost contact with them and just waited for the customer service for a long time. They were Taiwanese scammers. Please be careful of them. JITAK and JC have no record and do not have any qualifications. Its NFA regulatory certificate number on the website: 0527005, Australian license: 611849248, and tis qualification number is fake. TATE.prime is a new website opened by them. Usually they change their company name and website in a few months. JITAK (https://www.jitakcl.com/), JC (https://jcmtfe.com/), https://tateprime.com/ were held by them. Beware of these website. They are preparing for the fourth website. I hope you could make sure before investing. Be careful about the video and information.

    FXLBKlbj4493 Published in Canada
    Unable to withdraw CREDO TRADE

    I was cheated of 100, which was a large amount for me. They blocked me in all ways.

    FXNBYvbo5382 Published in Venezuela
    Unable to withdraw MOL

    They said they would guide me about investment. But after I deposited $600, the platform disappeared.

    FXHISujj2854 Published in Mexico
    Unable to withdraw PGOL
    Return my money

    I deposited $1,100. I wanted to withdraw when the profits exceeded $5,000. But it did not proceed after 24 hours and my balance was gone. I was scammed.

    FXTNRnrx7951 Published in Argentina
    Unable to withdraw ROITEKS
    Unable to withdraw

    I deposited $250 because they said they were the best broker and promised good profits. However their website disappeared suddenly with all my investment gone.

    FXJYRcvr3952 Published in Colombia
    Unable to withdraw IronFX
    Unable to withdraw

    I shared my experience of investment for your reference. I first entered this industry on IronFX about 60 years ago. I spent $100 and tested the bole system. But my friends told me it was a scam so I wanted to withdraw. It took almost 5 months to withdraw $100, which finally failed. I gave up and continued transactions until the port broke down. Do not apply this blog. I was confused that why its license was still effective.

    FXEBExgr1782 Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw Hantec Markets
    Unable to withdraw

    The withdrawal took several days and was still in pending. No email response.

    FXKRYxjs4099 Published in Malaysia
    Scam SMO

    If you make a lot of profits, they will ask you to deposit more because the operation error may decline the profits. There are insecure links on their website. This is what the scam like. Be careful of the truth.

    FXLIMgwr4705 Published in Cuba
    Unable to withdraw Jiasheng International
    Jiasheng’s scam

    Recently, there were many Chinese men on Tinder to scammed people with their lies. They pretended to gain a lot on Jiasheng and invited you to invest. When you deposit a large amount of money, it becomes difficult to withdraw. Finally the money will disappear.

    FXXIUhsl9520 Published in Indonesia
    Unable to withdraw Smart Contract
    Scam. Unable to withdraw. Beware!

    They asked for 20% tax before withdrawing and ran away after the payment done.

    FXGPWtwy2572 Published in Vietnam
    Scam Quick Investment
    Threatened by the scammer

    They pushed you to do transactions and even threatened you if you doubted the website. Here are some of the pictures.

    FXFMRqil2343 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw MOGAFX
    Unable to withdraw. Fraud platform.

    My withdraw has been delayed for more than one month. Is it kidding?

    FXPXJlcq6027 Published in China
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      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
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