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    Unable to withdraw AMA FOREX
    Fraud Broker

    Unable to withdraw. All the info is fake.

    FXKLHcrn4098 Published in China
    Others LiteForex
    Copy Trade Loss

    And I cann't login when I wanna trade

    FXKONwqm4383 Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw
    This is a fraud platform. Do not be cheated. It must be exposed

    Deposit 30,000 yuan on March 2. After I applied for withdrawal, my money went back to this platform. The customer service said my bank card info was wrong, that is to say, my bank card number was wrong. Even if the number I filled in was wrong, I should have a second chance. But the customer service asked for 10% of my account balance to unfreeze my account. This is a scam

    FXLHNcrj4625 Published in China
    Others Tradear
    Broker wipes out your position

    The slippage is ridiculous. (More than 5 pips) Do not recommend this broker cuz it is unregulated

    FXCQQlhv0894 Published in Ecuador
    Unable to withdraw Forex Hub
    Unable to withdraw. Don't tell me the relevant policies before I invest here

    There are campaigns here. But the number of people who participate in is limited. And it's of long duration. But the requirements are so many and it's so difficult to withdraw funds

    TOKEN Published in Thailand
    Others CF
    Fraud broker

    People who invest on CF should pay attention. CF is a fraud broker. We declare that I am responsible for my words. I've called the police and filed the case. I hope this broker can take the initiative to contact me cuz I can't contact any of them!

    FXKLSigi4200 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Royal Trading Fx
    Not yet received my money

    This email I have received on last Saturday. Payment to be received stated as T+1-2working day. Which means I should received the payment on Tuesday. But until now (Wednesday), I haven't received any payment yet

    FXDCAcag1411 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw Goat4x

    SCAM Broker!! Huge disappointment stay away from unregulated brokers that don’t require a Social Security Number to be a member, or brokers that work with Crypto Deposits and Withdrawals it’s time consuming ⏰

    FXSIHtei7233 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw USGFX
    Unable to withdraw on USGFX

    300026512. This is my account. I applied for withdrawal in January. But I haven't received my money yet

    FXMAOlmg4891 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw MOGAFX
    The fruad broker admitted that MOGA belongs to them

    The fruad broker admitted that MOGA belongs to them

    FXBTAuem0407 Published in China
    Resolved GTC
    Fraud Group of GTC

    Unable to withdraw with various reasons. The bank card number that I filled in was right while they said mine was wrong.

    FXJDOqje3738 Published in China
    Scam TKFX
    Unable to withdraw

    I was cheated by a net friend who recommended TKFX to me. This broker asked for either tax or penalty and margin. And now there is just a pretection fee to be paid. But I'm afraid that the money I paid can be transfeered to other people's account. I hope u can help me. Thanks

    FXYDWnik9763 Published in Taiwan
    Others 辉煌环球

    This broker usually increases the slippage suddenly, somethimes the slippage of XAU/USD can be up to 50 pips. You don't have space to operate at all. No matter you buy or sell, you will lose money. And sometimes, there is a space before your position can be closed, but the position will be closed aompulsorily, making u lose money. Even if you lock the position, your asset can be decreased cuz of widened spread. It turuns out that my positions are always closed , making my asset become zero. It's a bottomless hole!

    FXJGMikt3817 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw QIVIUT
    Unable to withdraw

    QivuitCapital and now UGLEXCHANGE service provider. Feb 2021 I traded for 1 month CFD trading Bitcoin to US$. I had 900,000 in my account and placed a withdrawal for $40,000. I received email to say abnormal transaction and my account frozen. I was then told I could have $500,000 if I pay a deposit of $50,000. I said no way. I was told the platform needed a deposit for security. I then asked for my initial investment back of $14,000 and was declined.

    FXRAVhum7187 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw TKFX
    Unable to withdraw

    Ask u to top up again and again or pay penalty with various reasons while you can not withdraw funds successfully.

    FXYDWnik9763 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw ROCKFORT
    ROCKFORT prevents u from withdrawing funds when you profit

    Do not invest here. You can not withdraw funds at all. They asked for margin. And if you profited they say you arbitrage. Shameless.

    FXVMRmjk8750 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw OFMG
    Unbale to withdarw.

    My application has been a month but it’s still in review. No one replied to my messages. This should be a fraud broker. Stay away from it guys.

    FXMHUdtx4803 Published in Singapore
    Unable to withdraw Swissquote
    Know this fraud via social platform. I hope u can help me recover my money

    Don’t know if this is a clone. At first, I just wanna deposit thousands of money but I was asked to deposit hundreds of thousands of money. I just withdrew funds successfully once and then I can’t withdraw funds for insufficient turnover and credit score, illegal operations and money laundering. And my account has been locked again and again. I am still unable to withdraw funds. I wanna withdraw my money, and they said my turnover was not enough. So I hurried o trade yesterday and lost all. I woke up and searched online, findng that it is a scam. I lost all my money, over 200,000 RMB. I borrowed this money online. Now I should pay back the money at the beginning of this month. Don’t know what to do

    FXUQPvcx8004 Published in China
    Resolved hiifx
    hiifx cheats customers. Unable to withdraw! The market will collapse before the end of this month

    I bound $1,500 last year. And I was told that I should induce people to invest here to get my money!

    包拯 Published in China
    Scam XSpot
    Unable to withdraw!

    I deposited 30,000 here but I still can’t get my money. And margin is needed. This is a scam!

    FXOUWyen5639 Published in China
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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