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    Severe Slippage CF GLOBAL
    Severe slippage

    Severe slippage and resulting in losses. The fund are deposited into personal account. Suspecion of fraud.

    FXKMAnll2185 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw MOGAFX
    Mogafx is fraud platform and is unable to withdraw

    My withdrawal was in July 2021 and it had not processed until now. The customer service and account manager did not allow to withdraw by various excuses. Stay away from brokerage in Taiwan, HK, and Macau!! Expose the fraud platform.

    sunshinez Published in China
    Unable to withdraw BDSWISS
    So hard to withdraw

    Business agent said that 2 to 3 days and usually arrived next day. The official email said 5 working days at the latest, but now the official website customer service said 10 working days. But it won’t be processing! Is it saying a word of under processing before the tenth working day so I shall wait for another ten working day? Keep your eyes open! ! Who will complain if I can withdraw money. Since there are complaints, there must be a real existing problem. Keep your eyes open. It is not easy to make money as an investor. Don't invest and make money at the end of the year. Even the principle was lost and cannot have a good day on new year

    FXRUCnel6901 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Hong Kong Yoda Capital
    I hope the police can help me, I'm almost depressed

    The Hong Kong Yoda keep trick you to deposit money and refuse to withdraw. I have already called the police. Scammers, left some goodness to your descendants or you are not afraid that the descendant will not have the thing. People are watching by god. Not the country does not punish you, When it comes to you, you will regret it. According to the description of each victim, one person will added a so-called late-stage team leader on Tik Tok or other apps and then asked you to add a guy named Wang Boan. It has been over a month that there is more people called Zhang, a self-proclaimed Boss Gao, and assistant Xiaoyan. According to this, every victim will involve two to three scammers. Those people have hands and feet and do not make money on their own. It is not bad to invest in stocks, but you have to engage in this illegal thing. It is never too late to mend. I believe that the country will definitely manage these things in the future. Are you afraid if it affects your descendants when it is exposed?

    FXXQSobp5410 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Yoda Capital Limited
    Unable to withdraw, even the MT5 account is disabled

    Unable to withdraw, even the MT5 account is disabled

    FXCUQypw6241 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Mexico
    Mexico is a fraud platform

    Mexico is a fraud platform. They allow you to withdraw in a small amount at first two times and then they will evade by various reasons during withdrawals and lock with no more response. Everyone do not be scammed. They are fraud platform that only allow deposit but not withdrawal.

    148913413 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw HengXing
    False inducement, unable to withdraw normally

    False inducement and unable to withdraw normally. Need to be solved as soon as possible. A good guy named Zhou Xiaoxia(introduced by a immigration lawyer from Canada) lead me to this platform step by step via whatsapp. Eventually, I cannot withdraw my fund and customer service says that I was laundering money.

    FXNVYnva0420 Published in China
    Scam USGFX
    Business director of USGFX International, Felicia, induced fraud

    Felicia, Business director of USGFX International, induced fraud to the customer. The customer did not violate any trading mechanism but tens of thousands of US dollars were wiped out that month and only a few hundred US dollars were left. When withdrawing last couple hundreds dollars, Felicia did not allow withdrawals and said that the withdrawal will only be processed after the deposit. After the deposit, Felicia refused to withdraw again when I applied for withdrawal and asked for another deposit and withdrawal will be processed after new client joined. The total deposit of the month was dozens of times of the withdrawal. Felicia kept denied the request for the last withdrawal after the liquidation. For her own performance, after the customer met the requirements of the platform, Felicia doid not allow the last withdraw and it will not be processed. I had applied to ask the platform query all the deposit and withdrawal data and change the customer service manager. After seeing the query data and the change of the customer manager email, Felicia directly blocked the backstage. Felicia is the management of USGFX International. For the sake of her performance, customers' requests were not process even they met requirements of the platform. Felicia colsed the back office when I did not want to cooperate with her and demanded to change customer service manager. If the management is ike this, the employees below will follow. The final withdrawal will never arrive. I hope that other customers and agents will not trust any promises made by the Taiwan Business Manager of USGFX International and any promises made by the MOGA Taiwan business manager, so to be not deceived.

    趋势 Published in China
    Scam OCTAFX
    Trade and win

    The claimed trade and win prize has not arrived for more than 3 months, while the terms and conditions are only 30 days. I have broken various reasons so this is just a scam, especially if it is a gifted car. I think the PS5 is only an insider. I havve lost hundreds of millions to chase this trade and win the prize. Since the beginning of play, this broker has never won (no problem if it is fair). I doubt if one day WHITDRAW will be big because the prizes are not sent. Be careful with this broker

    FXINAvlb3323 Published in Indonesia
    Unable to withdraw FOREX.com
    Forex.com company makes unreasonble difficulties with withdrawal

    Due to an error in my operation, the word "resolved" appeared in my complaint and cause trouble for you. My complaint against Jiasheng Forex.com Trading Company has not been resolved yet. Please help me to correct it. In addition, I received another email from Forex.com on November 26, 2021 with a bank transfer receipt attached. I take a printed copy of the bill to the bank for verification and the international department of the bank told me that this is an invalid bill while they also helped me to check that no overseas funds were transferred to the account I provided from August 30, 2021 to November 26, 2021. Forex.com had deceived me all the time. I provide screenshots of the latest Email and transfer notes again. Evidence has been provided. Thank you! It's causing you chaos. Since the withdrawal was made on August 30, 2021, the customer service had not completed withdrawal by various excuses of changing banks and not receiving respond from bank for several months. It was useless to contact customer service countless times via Email and phone. There was also no response when I asked Forex.com finance to provide bank transfer and refusal proof from the bank. Their service attitude is very poor. YThe credibility of Forex.com is getting worse and worse. I attached a screenshot of the withdrawal. My total withdrawal amount: $3588.60.

    FXCKSfhp5501 Published in Australia
    Unable to withdraw HUIXING
    Unable to withdraw

    I want to withdraw, but they keep denied my request by saying that transaction flow is not enough and anti-laundering money. They keep inducing me to deposit more and join their team operation.

    FXDVEdjh5165 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw USDC
    USDC is a Broker of Sushi global investing limited. They are Scam Brokers.

    USDC is a Broker of Sushi global investing limited. They are Scam Brokers. I cannot withdraw money. They have the same email notification when opening a Forex account, willam0079@outlook.com, willam0079@crmt4.com. I cannot withdraw money from their exchange. They made me pay 20% tax. They really are scam exchanges. I have been deducted from my MT5 account but I still have not received the money to my account.

    FXHDYhxv1806 Published in Germany
    Scam Guohuijinrong
    Liu Jiaxin Keeps asking me to invest and disppeared after getting money. Everyone be careful. She lives in Xinzhu. Please help me.

    Liu Jiaxin Keeps asking me to invest and disppeared after getting money. Everyone be careful. She lives in Xinzhu. Please help me to get my money back.

    FXPLDvcw6374 Published in Taiwan
    Platform ROSYSTLE WEALTH fraud

    I participated in trust investment with profit sharing with Rosytle Wealth In Vietnam and signed a commitment. On 11/10/2021, I withdrew 5000 usd and I withdrew 9000 usd on 12/11/2021. The total is 14000 usd for two times, but the money has not been transferred to my personal account so far. I had contacted the care department. After taking care of customers, it was explained that the redemption system was blocked. I found the reason was not decent. There are SCAMS to take money from investors including me. So I put the information here to let the online community and investors who participating in this Rosystyle platform know. I demand Rosystyle to return my money

    FXUUVjqx2890 Published in Vietnam
    Unable to withdraw UBS
    unable to withdraw

    after trading and loosing on my money they did not allow me to withdraw q sum of 2138.73 I have messaged the customer service on countless occasions but there is no response . I tried to do trading and wasn't allowed I want a help to withdraw my money

    FXRKUkou1983 Published in Australia
    Unable to withdraw LMAX Global
    Unable to withdraw

    There is an anniversary event today and offering gift money so I deposit ten thousands, but I cannot withdraw then. It requires me to deposit another ten thousands in order to wihtdraw. Why you do not state clearly when you have this event. I won't make appointment if you state it clearly.

    FXROJqei3606 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Mexico
    Mexico is completely a fraud platform

    Mexico can withdraw successfully at first couple times, but then it will denied your withdrawal request for various reason and not respond you at the end. Please do not be received anymore!

    148913413 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw LMAX Global
    Unable to withdraw

    There is an anniversary event today and offering gift money so I deposit ten thousands, but I cannot withdraw then. It requires me to deposit another ten thousands in order to wihtdraw. Why you do not state clearly when you have this event.

    FXROJqei3606 Published in China
    Resolved GHC
    Fraud platform does not allow to withdraw. Thanks to specialist for help me get money back

    I was introduced by a netizen to invest in mt4 and I can withdraw normolly at first. When you invest a large amunt, you will not be able to withdraw. Fortunately, all fund are recovered. Thank you to the specialist.

    FXJVOeee6630 Published in Hong Kong
    Unable to withdraw One Financial Markets
    Must be punished severely

    The communicating with the platform is invalid. Hope to recover funds with the help of the exposure of the platform! I also hope that no one will be deceived anymore.

    FXCPOeka3610 Published in China
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