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    旺旺 Trader
    Released in Jamaica

    MIEX Fake Foreign Exchange Trading Platform Induce Investment Fraud

    Here is a fake foreign exchange trading operation platform. Fake transactions induce investors to recharge on the platform, and then the false profit bursts. Then they can’t withdraw the currency, the customer service asks to pay taxes. After the tax is paid, the currency cannot be withdrawn, and then another operation is called recharge credit points. You can withdraw coins, all of which are false profits before and after, all the amount of recharge and tax payment is transferred to your personal account. I have been victimized. I will provide some information and the process of being deceived here. I hope that it can be a little prevention for strangers , If you encounter this person or this type of website and trading platform, please be careful and don't be deceived! ! The following is the network information about the scammer himself and the website platform!!

    The following is the original
    MIEX 虚假外汇交易平台 诱导投资诈骗
    虚假外汇交易操作平台,虚假交易诱导投资者在平台充值,然后虚假盈利爆利,接着提不了币,客服让交税,交完税以后还是提不了币 ,然后又来一盘操作叫充值信用分才可以提币,前前后后全部都是虚假盈利,所有充值和交税的金额全部都是转到个人账户,本人已受害 ,在此提供一点信息和受骗过程,希望可以给陌生的朋友有一点预防,如果遇到此人或者此类型的网站和交易平台,请谨慎,不要被骗!!以下是骗子本人和网站平台相关网络信息!!



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