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    Scam Binary.com
    Pure scam.

    A client has alleged that binary.com did not allow him to withdraw after he made profit and instead, the broker did trade with the client's money,without his knowledge and all money got lost. The client has claimed this broker make profit from people's loss. He has requested regulating bodies to shut down this company, otherwise they would continue to scam people.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Unable to withdraw IG
    withdrawal failure.

    A client tried to withdraw funds after making profit, but IG did not allow withdrawal and instead deleted profit from the client's account. The client thinks IG must have stolen his money.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Scam FBS
    Obvious and severe manipulation but don’t compensate

    On 21 June 2021 hours, around 0500-0530hrs, my account was in direct hedge with margin level of more than 90% but was stopped-out due to unusual gap and spread specially in CHFJPY and AUDUSD (refer to photo) Conversed via email with FBS Support but the keep talking with the agreement although it is fault with their end, very obvious manipulation (see photo). Requested for Market Depth but was denied. They are an obvious B-Book broker but don’t dare to admit it.

    FXLKJxcx4754 Published in Malaysia
    Scam FBS
    Tick Chart Scam - broker don’t want to compensate

    Date : 21/06/2021 Time : 5.00AM - 5.30AM (GMT+8) Account Status : in Direct Hedging of the 5 pairs (photo) below Available Margin : 90%+ During open market, there was this unusual gap in CHFJPY and ~20 pips spread on AUDUSD, also big spread on other pairs (attached photo) unlike other brokers which is over-manipulation Contacted Support due to manipulation but keep replying with agreement Asked for Market Depth but couldn’t provide. A B-Book broker but pretending to be A-Book with no proof

    FXPPRlvm6186 Published in Malaysia
    Scam Optionfield
    Big manipulators.

    A client has complained that this broker manipulates trade to stop clients from making profit.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Unable to withdraw Jiasheng International

    first. i know a friend from tinder. he said his name zhangfeng (but lately i know its fake account) for the first time, he is nice, and look like rich man which have business and doing foreign exchange trading. he said he will lead me make money, at that time, i have suspect on him. but his words are so nice, and a bit forced you to top up. then i top up 100usd. then i got profit 13 usd, and success to withdraw to binance. then, when i try again to withdraw. it cant

    FXOECiym5749 Published in Indonesia
    Scam GIFXprime
    Big fraud.

    As alleged by a client, this broker looted thousands of people and enjoyed lavishly with people's money. Owner got arrested and then got bail. This broker still exists, but people should stay away from it.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Unable to withdraw Sunton Capital
    This woman suggested broker they after depositing money they froze account and ask money to unfroze and they argue adisappear when I ask to withdrawal

    Unable to with draw and Scam

    FXBIDdtp0525 Published in Japan
    Scam CJC Markets
    This is a SCAM. Please do not fall for this.

    CJCMARKETS.SITE is a SCAM. These days there has been a lot of post regarding investing amount in a Foreign Trading platform and earning almost 10 times flooded by an FACEBOOK account name "Ugvous Ooayoog". The profile link is https://www.facebook.com/ugvous.ooayoog.794.We have done a research and found that they are a team who are working to dupe people of money. They are using some preety girl's image to lure customers. ILLETERATE and SCUMBAGS, they are just waste to the society.I urge everyone not to fall for their scams. Please do check in Google by typing "cjcmarkets.site fraud"

    FXWCWpdf8901 Published in India
    Unable to withdraw XM

    how possible to block my account due to withdrawal after deposit and end up lost even my funds. i think I've been scamed guys XM mxm i don't trust it no more is Forex trade for real [3f][3f] any one with good opinions about my account

    FXABYbgp0047 Published in South Africa
    Others HotForex
    Lots of complaints.

    A client has complained that this broker robs people by increasing gaps frequently and making them lose their money.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Unable to withdraw Neverminds Asset
    Unable to withdraw.

    Unable to withdraw after May 17. It asked us to transfer to another platform. I lost hundreds of thousands of RMB due to this scammer.

    WPS Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Pocket Option

    I lost my job last year and had no resource. So I borrowed $100 to start investment. It promised that everyone could earn more than $1,000/day. But later I was not allowed to log in and everything was gone.

    FXKHGmfv4051 Published in Venezuela
    Unable to withdraw HSBC
    Unable to withdraw

    Investment period was short with quick profits and low risk. It was necessary to pay 20% personal tax on the total amount of related staff to withdraw money. It was a trick of cheating money. Please help. I’m afraid that the platform will run away.

    FXAAKhvd0079 Published in China
    Others TeleTrade

    The broker did a lot of scams. It was such a shame. Please return my money.

    FXGIYjdp2792 Published in China
    Others TeleTrade
    Clone company

    Beware of this scammer. The company even threatened me. Help.

    FXGIYjdp2792 Published in China
    they don't process withdrawal

    umarkets once money is deposit can't withdraw

    FXNQSdke5336 Published in Qatar
    Unable to withdraw CXM TRADING
    Exposure of Li Haobo

    He led me to depositing. I was unable to withdraw $21,000.

    FXQCTdbv6441 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw ORBEX
    They don't pay my money

    After hard work of trading Orbex do not pay-me, please i need help.

    FXESIgrj1780 Published in Nigeria
    Unable to withdraw TE PRO
    All the investment were stolen

    I deposited about $250 in order to start operation. However I was unable to transfer after a long time. The customer service said they didn’t receive. They were lying.

    FXJPTeyr3621 Published in Venezuela
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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