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    FXDNTcei1469 Trader
    Released in China

    DBS is a fraud

    Every day they share their moments about who makes money and will give you irregular preferential activities. Let you want to invest. Then, let you scan the QR code, register, fill in the QR code, deposit, and make an appointment with a programmer for you. Programmers lead you to order and you’ll make money. Then the programmer doesn’t let you withdraw and ask you to log off. Test followed. He says there is a need for risk control so you have to deposit 50,000. Your request of withdrawal is under audit after you deposit 50,000. When your request is approaching 24 hours, the withdrawal is rejected. The customer service will tell you that the information of withdrawal is abnormal. Then you’ll find that the number of your ID card or bank card is wrong. You ask the customer service to modify account information, and they’ll tell you that the money is huge so you have to pay another 10% of your account to withdraw. If you meet such situation, call the police. This is from my own personal experience.

    The following is the original
    每天发朋友圈,谁谁赚钱了,会给你不定期发优惠活动。让你心动。随后,让你扫二维码,实名注册,填二维码,入金,给你预约程序员。程序员带你下单,然后赚钱。完了,程序员先不让你提现,且退出登陆。随后风险测评。说是有风险,需要做风控,又要五万入金。你去提现,确实账户异常,此时客服会让你交五万的风险金,就可以解除风险。你交了风险金后,提现审核中,马上到24小时的时候,提现被拒绝。询问客服,客服说,提现信息异常。你会发现,你的账户,银行卡少一位,或者身份证少一位。你去找客服修改账户信息,客服会说,系统检测,你账户金额太大,为了避免他人冒充,需要再交,你账户金额的百分之十,才可以出金。 到了这一步,大家可以报警了。 以上是亲身经历。



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