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    FXEHIlnd1902 Trader
    Released in China

    Severe slippage. The customer service is just like a robot and ignores me

    If I sell short at 1965 and my transaction value is 1964.85 or less. If I close the position at 1965, the close price will be 1965.15 or more. Every trade is like this. There were more than 50 pips of spread. ( If I set the stop loss price at 1968.1, my position will be closed at 1967.6) Then I go to the background to see the price, and it’s 1968.73 while the highest price is less than 1968.23. All my positions were closed at the stop loss price but the actual price was dozens of pips higher than the stop loss price. The customer service ignore me so I wen to the customer service via QQ. Then we checked together. Later we found out that the price was wrong and the QQ customer service didn’t respond to me, either. What a rip-off!

    The following is the original
    滑点超级严重 建仓平仓加起来快100滑点了 每单都有 客服跟机器人一样 各种不理
    比如我在现价1965卖空 我的成交价格就是1964.85 以下或更低 假如我在现价1965平仓 我的平仓价格就是在1965.15 以上或更高 每一单都是这样 就建仓平仓滑点加起来比50点差还多 后来我不手动止损 我设置止损 然后我所有的止损单都是正常到点位+50点差就被系统平仓 (比如我止损是1968.1 在现价1967.6时我单子就被正常平了 我是盯盘看着1967.6我的单子被平 这是正常 1967.6+50点差1968.1是我的止损点位)可是到后台我一看单子在平仓价格是1968.73 当时当时最高价都不到1968.23 。 后面我当天所有的止损单都是正常止损点位就止损了 ,可是止损价格全部高于我的止损点位几十个点 。找客服没人管都跟机器人 我就找qq客服 找到后跟我核对 核对结果是 我当时的止损价位那个时间点都没到过 然后qq客服也学机器人了。 现在觉得真的这平台真的给 50点差加上滑点我做一手点差高达130了。 太黑了 还没人理 客服全体机器人
    Severe Slippage



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