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    Unable to trade due to disconnection

    Hi everyone, I am a trader for five years. On the morning of March 23, the New Zealand currency started to fall after a sideways trade. When it was about to reach the take profit level, I wanted to cancel the take profit, but during the operation, I found that the account was disconnected and the other five platforms on the mobile phone were able to log in normally. The disconnection lasted for two hours, and when I was able to log in, I dropped nearly 100 points from the take profit level. At that time, I had 4 short positions of 0.99 lots, with almost 4000 profit. I asked the platform to negotiate compensation, and the platform said that it wanted me to submit the transaction log of the take-profit cancellation when the account was disconnected. I want to ask everyone, as an experienced trader, when I knew that I could not trade as the line was disconnected, was it my fault that I didn’t trade at that time? It is also problematic that the stop profit level of 500 of short order is traded at 503, and the stop profit is down.

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    大家好,我是一个五年的交易者。在3月23日早,新西兰货币横盘后启动下跌有力,快到止盈位时我想操作撤销止盈,但要在操作时发现账户断线,手机上其他五家平台在同时都 可以正常登录。断线持续两小时之久,到可以登录从止盈位下跌近100点,当时我有4个0.99手的空单持仓,4000利润差不多。 找平台协商一定补偿,平台说要我平台断线时撤销止盈操作的交易日志,我想问一下大家,做为一个老的交易员,在断线时明知道是不能进行交易的,我当时断线没交易是我的错? 还有就是空单止盈位500为什么 给成交503,下跌止盈。



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