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    FXAXPvvj0382 Trader
    Released in Vietnam

    Scam. Unable to withdraw.

    I want to withdraw 300,000 USD. It said that my account was blocked and ask me to deposit 300,000 USD. It promised to complete the withdrawal in August. I asked about taxes but it said there was no tax. Several days later, it told me to deposit 90,000 USD because of high tax and other reasons. The balance in my account totalled 1,400,000 USD. I received a message that I was suspected to launder money with foreign assets. My account was going to be blocked. My friend encountered the same situation as me. They refused to provide any certified information or take the responsibility. Please do not trust IFS Markets.

    The following is the original
    我取钱300,000 USD 出来说我账号frozen 叫我放进去300,000 USD我才能出来取钱出来,我就放进去,我问过他还有什么问题吗? 有税吗? 他就说不用担心,没有税,让我取钱第二次(第一次说frozen 8月才能处理好)跪了几天跟我说税高让我放进去90,000 USD(时间给了48 个小时处理,不处理说了会出很多问题,我账号不能动,我账号里面1.100.000 USD + 300,000 USD frozen = 1,400,000 USD ) 过一两天钱可以到我这里银行,到了今天发短信给我说了我是国外投资是洗钱,现在我全部账号frozen 等他们处理,有一次48个小时我没钱处理我朋友用他账号保证,现在也要把我朋友账号吃掉,frozen 我朋友账号6.,000,000 USD ( 六百多万美元) 说保证过我账号(说我们不同国家,两个洗钱)他们每次看到我们要取钱,他们多说各种理由让你钱放进去一次吃到你没钱才行,叫他们证明一些东西,都说他们责任只是告诉我们处理这些事,那些认证的资料他们不能发,根本他们没有帮我们取钱, 要告诉大家不要信任他们这家 IFS Markets
    Unable to withdraw



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