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    Scam MarketsProfit
    Scam Broker

    Marketsprofit (https://www.marketsprofit.com/uk/en/) works with agent/scammer to lure you into forex investment. They keep encouraging you to fund your account by offering attractive capital top up bonuses from time to time and give daily interest rates for members who achieved some level of funds in their account so that you will always keep the capital and profit in the account but not withdraw. I am a novice in Forex trading and trusted the agent so much. When i wish to withdraw my funds, both the agent and customer service missing in action all of sudden. Then only i realised it was a scam and my account was hacked for unauthorised trades to clear all the balance in my MT 5 account on the day the customer service disappeared. My further investigation discovered that Marketsprofit did not record all my funding transactions in the client portal and the balance of accounts in the client portal is not tele with the balance in the MT5 account. Also, the fund withdrawal request via the client portal will never be processed although the client portal has shown my account has the balance. Marketsprofit is a scam broker and organized syndicate, beware and stay away from them! I am one of their victims.

    FXMJXtbr4857 Published in Malaysia
    Scam FXOpen

    If the platform was under regulation, why did it require certification fee? It asked for identity certificate and other information. Then it continued to ask for more deposit. I was unable to withdraw the money.

    FXOGCrxj5646 Published in Hong Kong
    Scam Fake CXM TRADING
    When will Li Haobo return money?

    He managed fake platform and induced deposits. I could not get back my investment of $21,000. Please punish him as soon as possible.

    FXQCTdbv6441 Published in Taiwan
    Scam yahuitrades

    It kept asking you for money after depositing. When you wanted to withdraw, it asked for several fees. Why was it still under operation after the exposure?

    FXUKFrdy8359 Published in Netherlands
    Scam MCFX

    Mcfx,actis and leadmax belonged to a group of scammers including Zhang Tao and Liujun. Many investors in Hangzhou, Hefei and Liuan have reported their scams. Please punish them.

    FXVOEvex8729 Published in China
    Scam Tate Prime
    JITAK, JC and tate.prime (https://tateprime.com) used different names to scam. They induced deposits. Unable to withdraw.

    They pushed you to deposit with scams and high profits. When you wanted to withdraw, they would ask you to pay a lot of fees such as margins, taxes and handling fees, or cheat you with wrong bank account. Finally you lost contact with them and just waited for the customer service for a long time. They were Taiwanese scammers. Please be careful of them. JITAK and JC have no record and do not have any qualifications. Its NFA regulatory certificate number on the website: 0527005, Australian license: 611849248, and tis qualification number is fake. TATE.prime is a new website opened by them. Usually they change their company name and website in a few months. JITAK (https://www.jitakcl.com/), JC (https://jcmtfe.com/), https://tateprime.com/ were held by them. Beware of these website. They are preparing for the fourth website. I hope you could make sure before investing. Be careful about the video and information.

    FXLBKlbj4493 Published in Canada
    Scam SMO

    If you make a lot of profits, they will ask you to deposit more because the operation error may decline the profits. There are insecure links on their website. This is what the scam like. Be careful of the truth.

    FXLIMgwr4705 Published in Cuba
    Scam Quick Investment
    Threatened by the scammer

    They pushed you to do transactions and even threatened you if you doubted the website. Here are some of the pictures.

    FXFMRqil2343 Published in Taiwan
    Scam Olymp Investments
    big scam.

    A client had been told by an official of this broker that if he invested $200, then he would get $2000 in return. After the client invested $200, he had been asked to further invest $500 for signal fees, which was never told before he invested. The client recognised this scam behaviour of the official and demanded the official to return the $200 but in vain. Stay away from this broker.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Scam TeleTrade

    Stay away from this platform which has a lot of copies. Beware of them.

    FXGIYjdp2792 Published in China
    Fraud platform

    A Chinese female friend said she would make good profits in foreign exchange. She led me to deposit US dollars in the excuse of exchange Japanese yen to bitcoin. Then I received an English message that if I wanted to lock or unlock my account, I had to pay 500,000 yen. I could not log in my account. It was a crime.

    FXJQOybg3959 Published in Japan
    Resolved OctaFX

    Look my pending order is so prefer.Market go through the limit order however it didnt triggered. Octa really scamming trader. See now market is in my favor for 250 pips and I already could double my investment but because octa fx scamming by not trigged my order I can't double my investment. Octa fx fucking give me back my money that I could be making.

    FXSVGlcm7328 Published in Malaysia
    Resolved OctaFX
    Octa limit triggered scams

    see market go through the limit order but market not trigged. if u say the price touch abit then is alright however market freaking go below the limit order and then shoot up. I could already double my investment on this trade. I had wait for months for this setup and octa don't want me to make money and don't trigged. Even is a small amount but even a small amount also like to how to trade bigger amount. Octa u this scammer. I want my money back.

    FXSVGlcm7328 Published in Malaysia
    Scam yahuitrades

    I deposited 10,000 euros from May 28 to July and gained a lot. But when I wanted to withdraw, it required 3 kinds of handling fees which could not be cut from the balance. It was so unreasonable. Is anyone in charge of this case?

    FXUKFrdy8359 Published in Netherlands
    Scam hiifx
    Chen Dajie, a scammer

    This man did same scams. There is no free lunch in the world.

    FXHQMjwb2816 Published in China
    Scam TeleTrade

    It did scams to both official department and unofficial parties. Beware of it. Help.

    FXGIYjdp2792 Published in China
    Scam JFBBI

    He pirated photos of well-known investment analysts in mainland China. I had to pay an additional deposit of 360,000 before withdrawing.

    FXKORosv4040 Published in Taiwan
    Romance Scam

    Basic romance scam, pretends to be a rich lady who wants to be your friend and show you how she makes money speculating the gold market. Has certificates that are fake, with no dates on them to try and show how the brokerage firm is registered in the US, but a simple search on the US website shows something different. Also, uses an old or fake snapshot of this website to show a very high rating. Uses the below good looking girl as a lure in. Be careful!

    FXATXkkr0165 Published in Australia
    Scam TR

    The company is called Expertsminings. I had to pay an amount of R500. They came back and said another R1600 to upgrade my invesent to R16800 profit. I paid this. A day later he said another R4300 needs to be paid for a transaction fee and that I will have R32000 in my account immediately. They went on saying that the company has been doing this for years. Later a 'manager' messaged me and said I had to pay R10800 to get R58000 immediately. I paid this again after I borrowed. Now they want R18000

    FXRLStqg7140 Published in South Africa
    I wanted to earn money

    I saw this broker’s ad on Facebook, saying that investing in the stock market will make a lot of money. They asked me to deposit my initial $45 successfully, and then they added me to a Telegram group to receive notifications. But all the signals of the platform were lost, and the money was declining. It was a scam.

    FXXQCbnr9503 Published in Mexico
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      • Severe Slippage
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