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    FXCOMtwy0867 Trader
    Released in Taiwan

    A 20$ income tax has been required when you apply for withdrawal

    The withdrawal has to be paid to the platform ~ the 20% personal income tax of the profitable capital of the account fund minus the recharged principal can be withdrawn. The other party is still using emotional factors to complain. At present, they are still delaying because it is impossible to pay. This is just the inability to withdraw the money. One step, there may be a second step and the third step is also unable to withdraw money.
    Now I only hope to get back the principal invested, otherwise life is very difficult.

    The following is the original
    出金還要繳納給平台~賬戶資金扣除充值本金的盈利資金20%個人所得稅才可提現,對方還在用情感因素訴說,目前我還拖延中,因為不可能繳納,這只是無法出金第一步,接下來可能有第二步第三步也是無法出金提現。 現在只希望所投入的本金領回,不然生活很拮据。
    Unable to withdraw



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