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    Why the trading is limited by Cctoken?

    In this early September.someone added me,who was a shareholder later I knew.He made some profits by following a teacher.When I inquired him,he pulled me into a stock group named “Sen brother of new fortune code”,in which there are three teachers,namely,Sen brother,Zhan Feng and Wang Yuan.The group administrator said that the lesson was free as long as we vote on three teachers.I listened their lessons about technical index,stock-selecting software,etc. at my leisure.Until last week,Sen recommended us Cctoken platform,saying that the stock market is not optimistic while there is no risk of digital currency trading in Cctoken with day trading.He pulled the account administrator into the group,claiming that he had been trading in it for more than 2 years with stable incomes.He promised that as long as we followed his instruction,we could surely earn 200%.Otherwise,we could blame it on his incapability and withdraw anytime.Seeing many member sending profit screenshots,I deposited 200000 RMB in Cctoken for trading.Having profited the first time,I began losing from the second time,until nothing left.Sen induced me to add fund to recover the losses.I added 100000 RMB but the routine was the same.There was 3000 or so left.I wanted to withdraw fund while the platform didn’t audit.Sen said that the platform is under maintenance,of which I was suspicious.

    The following is the original
    今年9月初的时候有一个陌生人添加我的好友,通过之后聊天中才知道是一个股友,因为自己也在炒股没有在意,之后聊天中得知对方在跟着一个老师炒股,感觉赚的还不错,因为自己也炒股比较好奇就询问情况,之后我被拉进一个叫做“新财富密码之森哥”股票群,群管理告知群里一切完全免费,并且有直播间听课,直播间有三位老师分别是森哥、展锋、王媛老师,只需要大家有时间就去帮忙投票就可以。自己本身也是一个股民,在做股票,而且不太理想,所以就关注起来。直播间里面,隔三差五的就会讲一些技术指标呀、选股器呀、游资席位呀、庄家动向之类的东西,听着好像还是那么一回事,所以我每天晚上只要有时间就会去听听课。 森哥推荐股票一直到前一周,直播间里面森哥说现在股票不太好,推荐大家去Cctoken数字货币平台操作数字货币,并告知数字货币没有风险,当天就可以买进卖出,而且不仅涨了赚钱,跌了只要买对了也能赚钱,同时还介绍了一位叫做米娅的开户专员到群里面,并且说他已经在这个平台做了两年多了,一直很稳定,资金非常的安全。并且Cctoken数字交易平台森哥表示只要把钱投到数字货币BPA市场,并且完全按照他的指令去操作,一个月如果没有赚到200%,就是他无能,随时可以出金。群里很多人,天天发盈利的截图,在最初的犹豫之后,我便败倒在欲望之下,我入金Cctoken数字交易20万,仅仅跟着操作BPA两单,第一单赚了小赚一点,第二单因为价格变化太快,半小时左右, 赔了入金的全部资金。入Cctoken数字交易的20万块钱,分文未剩都亏损完了。当天一直心里不好受,Cctoken数字交易平台森哥还让我加金,说赚回来很快,于是忍不住又加金10万,结果还是一样,开始赚点点,后面一下亏损完,后面账户还剩3000多点,我想出金,可是平台一直审核不通过,森哥说是在维护,这时我就有点怀疑,入金正常,出金就要维护了?



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