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    Return my hard-earned money, fraud broker

    At around 3 pm on December 21st, I used our designated chat tool to buy the price of tGBPUSD. The time was 60s. I didn’t follow up in the middle of the round and said I wanted to cover 74700. , So I said that I had no money, and the other party told me that she helped me to their team. Can they borrow money? The next night she said that she borrowed me 25,000 yuan, and I charged 50,000 yuan myself. Starting on the evening of the 22nd, the second round of data operations, I don’t know why two rounds of data were wrong, and the results were not the same as theirs. I have to cover the position again. This time I have no money, no money to cover the position, so I went to withdraw the next day and found that the fund account was frozen, I contacted the customer service, and the customer service said that as long as the funds are fully paid and unfreeze funds can be withdrawn, I followed The other party contacted, she said to help me find a way, their team borrowed another 25,000 and helped me recharge it. I recharged 37,550 yuan by myself. After the unfreeze funds were handed in, I went to withdraw the cash, but I still couldn’t withdraw the cash. The customer service said that the credit score was not enough. , I need to buy credit points to recharge, a credit point of 5,000 yuan a point, buy 20 points, a charge of 100,000, I only know that I was deceived, and then I went to the police

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