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    Unable to withdraw WTi
    Induce to deposit. Apply for withdrawal but required to add deposit. Can’t withdraw now. Invalid Account

    I met a girl on the Internet from March to April this year Later, wechat was added At first, it was all small talk Later, I learned that she worked in the Hong Kong foreign exchange company (WTI limited hk) for investment related work At the end of August, there were non-agricultural data in those days I asked her about it Later, she told me that she needed funds. I think this market is very suitable for you 8 / 28 the first deposit of US $1752.18 (about NT $50000) into the private account of Hang Seng Bank of Hong Kong Account Name: Ho Yun sang She said to give me a Taiwan landbank account for convenience The latter deposits are all remitted to the landbank account of Taiwan (account name: Xie Dongjin) 9 / 1 RMB 50000 9 / 4, which are NT $50000 and NT $18000 respectively There were two remittances on 9 / 10, which were NT $100000 and NT $21000 respectively 9 / 17 inform me that I have finished the big market According to the result of her operation, we have reached our target, and the profit part is 77788.27 US dollars But it's still open Then she said She's already applied for withdrawal for me. All positions will be closed before the money is paid. We will contact you later when the company has news On 9 / 17, the company's customer service told me Because there is a credit she applied for with the company can't withdraw directly I have to add $4,051 in order to close the position and get the money I asked if I could withdraw some first The company couldn't reply At present, the fund cannot be withdrawn My account also appears invalid

    FXBCTguv0528 Published in Taiwan
    Scam VSH
    VSH trading system data distortion. Wipe out positions. Deceive investors

    In May 2020, Zhang Yuxin, a staff member of VSH Finance Limited (living in Hong Kong Island), phone + 85251250012. She added me on Facebook and gained trust through chatting for more than a month. She worked in VSH company, worked as an assistant and bought VSH products at ordinary times. I felt that she was not a liar. For this reason, I applied for an account at the official website of VSH Finance Limited https://www.vansihofx.com/zh-he and quickly passed the account authentication through manager Chen (telephone number + 85251262029) that Zhang recommended. I was informed that direct remittance to Hong Kong can not be made because of the mainland financial control . To this end, with the help of friends in Macao, we remitted 79000 Hong Kong dollars, equivalent to 10070 US dollars, on June 30. On July 9, the abnormal trading data of the system caused my position wiped out and lost $22880. The product purchased at that time was XTIUSD, and the price displayed by VSH system was 38.20. Compared with many websites or trading systems, the lowest price of US crude oil on July 9 did not fall to 38.20 (later inquired). At that time, I comforted myself that I did not control the risk well (I bought 16 lots by mistake). So on July 13 and July 14, the total amount was $11700. On August 25, it broke out again, losing $33330. This time, it was also XTIUSD product purchased, and the price displayed by VSH was 31.51. This time, we paid attention to risk control. At the same time, we checked the lowest price of WTI crude oil on August 25 in other websites or trading systems. Sina Finance and economics was 42.31, British financial information was 43.28, and oil & gas app showed that it was 43.22. Therefore, the difference between the lowest price of VSH and the lowest price of other systems was more than 10.8 US dollars. The pulse type drop was more than 11000 floating point, and the data was distorted instantly. At that time, he also reported this situation to the customer manager Chen, who said that he had reported it to the company leaders to analyze whether it was caused by the system bug. Later, the leaders discussed the decision-making and gave an analysis and conclusion. One of them was almost over Month, no progress. At the beginning, the customer manager Chen also replied to the message and answered the phone call. At present, the call is not answered. On September 9, I also complained to the securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong.

    FXRETjnf6922 Published in China
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