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    Severe Slippage Swissquote
    Severe slippage led to stop loss

    Severe slippage led to stop loss. My order should be profitable on October 18, 2021 according to the market showed on most platforms. But it was stopped and I could not make profits. It said the losses were due to the bank qualification to ensure the safety of customers' funds. But investors had to pay high transaction costs. Customers' investment in their bank was consumed up by the fraud platform.

    FXTGOqrx3262 Published in China
    Severe Slippage Sunton Capital
    price jump

    price sudenly jump and not same with real price

    FXIVEgyd6556 Published in Indonesia
    Severe Slippage REVIVE
    Severe slippage

    The spread was 10 times higher than the normal spread. The network often delayed and the position was closed before stop loss.

    FXACAuws8725 Published in China
    Severe Slippage BT Global
    Severe slippage

    Beware of this platform.

    FXUFTqbn8339 Published in China
    Resolved Symbol Group
    Severe slippage

    The order delayed for more than an hour.

    FXAPRemg0386 Published in China
    Severe Slippage OANDA

    On September 22, 2021, GBP/NZD price increased to 1.94949 and 1.94275, withe the stop surplus at 1.95036. After a week, my orders suffered losses due to the severe slippage which was changed by the platform. I never met this situation in my transactions.

    FXYOGnnc3552 Published in Japan
    Severe Slippage MiTRADE
    Severe slippage

    The drop is 1 yuan more than other platforms, and the drop is three times faster. I almost suffered from liquidation.

    FXAQErii2269 Published in Taiwan
    Severe Slippage INFINOX
    Severe slippage

    The customer service said it was normal situation however the slippage was different from other platforms. Help.

    FXETUgow1881 Published in Hong Kong
    Severe Slippage Swissquote
    Severe slippage

    The platform caused great losses to investors by many ways.

    FXTGOqrx3262 Published in China
    Severe Slippage LiteForex
    severe slippage

    i dont know whats wrong or what happened. yesterday i was floating my position just fine with a margin above 100%. yet when i checked my account the next day, all position was closed. i checked other brokers but the price arent the same.

    FXXRNnct9537 Published in Malaysia
    Resolved OnePro
    Severe slippage

    The broker had severe slippage without any reason.

    FXGUWhvv6292 Published in Malaysia
    Severe Slippage OnePro
    The spread is ridiculously high! The broker absolutely is a scammer.

    The spread is so high that normal trade is unable. The order failed to be done many times because of slippage problems. However, the SL is very fast. They hit before other brokers do.

    FXTTBelu9576 Published in Malaysia
    Severe Slippage Cooper Markets
    Stay away from this fraud broker

    This broker they purposely spike the price movement so that your account will be blown to dust! thats what happened to me! Suffered a huge loss because of them. Pls refer to pics below

    gustavo_fring Published in Malaysia
    Severe Slippage East
    huge loss and a bad slippage by this broker

    after i requested for withdrawal, weirdly my position suffered a severe slippage. if you look at pictures attached below, my trading for the past few days has been going smoothly. up until i loss $13k usd on a single trade!

    FXXRNnct9537 Published in Malaysia
    Severe Slippage IQ OPTION

    This broker are manipulating the chart, they are thieves.... please stay away. They maneuver the chart. check screenshots below

    FXNHMctt0584 Published in Nigeria
    Severe Slippage FBS
    very bad slippage

    i held a position overnight, when i check my position its no longer there. it turns out there was a slippage, a bad one. refer to pics below how bad this broker manipulate the chart. lost few thousands due to this slippage!

    gustavo_fring Published in Malaysia
    Severe Slippage Genesis
    This broker is a fraud! Earning money from slippage!

    Refer to pics below, i made a comparison between 2 different chart. This broker's chart clearly manipulated the price, while you can see on the other chart the price are normal. This slippage costs me a lot of money and cleared almost all of my account fund! Upon checking, it seems like this broker are not even registered as NFA Membership!

    gustavo_fring Published in Malaysia
    Severe Slippage ACY Securities
    Severe slippage

    Forced liquidation. Many orders were closed as the following picture showed.

    FXWNAbui8890 Published in Malaysia
    Severe Slippage FXCM
    Unable to trade or close the transaction

    I opened a new account but could not set stop loss and the quotation closed. It was impossible to do transaction.

    FXWNAbui8890 Published in Malaysia
    Severe Slippage ThinkMarkets
    ThinkMarkets platform quotation error for no reason!

    The GBP on ThinkMarkets platform gapped 150 points for no reason. I have checked that other platforms don’t have this K-line gapped by 150 points at all. This wash is too obvious. The platform customer service also refuses to admit or compensate for this. Fortunately, If you placed an order with a stop loss at the time, otherwise you will lose a lot of liquidation. Everyone must pay attention to the ThinkMarkets platform.

    FXWNAbui8890 Published in Malaysia
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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