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    Scam Exness
    There is a scam

    If the loss is deposited into the account, it is impossible, because the minimum limit is intended to make the customer account burn

    FXMFXxeo5125 Published in Vietnam
    Unable to withdraw Fake XM Trading
    Unable to withdraw

    I applied for cash withdrawal on April 30, the review showed that it was passed, but the account was delayed, and the person who brought me into the deposit could not be contacted! The mobile app also shows failure!

    FXVCIhky8660 Published in China
    Others ATOM
    Deposit no into account

    I have made a deposit of 100 USD to 177157 account on 21:28:42 on 3/5/2021 but up to now I have not received money into my account !!! I look forward to handling it.

    FXWWGbbp9033 Published in Vietnam
    Unable to withdraw SEALARK
    Fraud platform! Unable to withdraw

    I don't understand why the qualifications for securities brokerage supervision can be obtained so easily? Where can I report such a blatant deceit? Not only can’t withdraw money, but now I can’t even log in to the official website, but my MT5 account is still running. Seeing that more and more people complain about SEALARK&SLK recently. No one really came out to explain, there is a high probability that the money ran away... I ask how to complain to the brokerage online?

    FXWOQirx9022 Published in Thailand
    Others eXcentral
    Rediculous Way of trade setup overtrading: This broker makes you place trades that are way too high volumes per trade and lure you to deposit more.

    My recent experienced to this broker is devastating. Placement of orders of trade setup is way too risky and rediculous. Your account manager entice you place trades according to his analysis that your account will be impossible to handle and blow it in the end. Then you will realize that you have been fooled. It was your money that they are after. They make your account grow little by little and also make you deposit more and grow it a little bit again. Then will make their final blow. Boom bye

    FXBMTvhn0670 Published in Philippines
    Others ATOM
    Deposit account

    I deposited into the atom's account ($ 100 to be exact) on May 3, 2021 at 21:28:42 and performed all the actions, but as of May 4, I still haven't. get money into the account. I really need help!

    FXWWGbbp9033 Published in Vietnam
    Unable to withdraw Hconverge
    Can not withdraw

    I submitted to withdraw $1000 since 1st April 2021 but I still not received money via bank and they always rejected my submission . Support online and IB are scam people. They always give unreasonable things to reject your withdrawal by manual. I report here with expect that traders DO NOT CHOOSE HCONVERGE. If Hconverge members see this report pls solve all of withdrawal submissions for everyone. Unless I will let the world know that who Hconverge are.

    FXTTFhew7672 Published in Vietnam
    Unable to withdraw Trade Principal
    trade principal

    They made me assign a sum of money and when I went to withdraw they asked me for taxes and I consigned them and they disappeared

    FXWGYswp9069 Published in Colombia
    Unable to withdraw Deriv

    They are simple SCAM. When you open your account they dont even let you upload your documents, is blocked the option. Then they give you a wihtdrawal limit of 10000$ without verification. I have deposited, trade and they i tried to place the withdrawal ( after i had to pay 2% to transfer from my mt5 account to my btc wallet into their web site) but the withdrawal was blocked. I went to live chat where ALEX livechat agent told me that in order to withdrawal crypto i had to upload the documents ( at the time they finaly release the option to upload the documents ). But again, the limit they give to an unverify account is 10000$ or 0.177btc which at the time i had 0.088btc on my account. Well after i fight agains their uneficient website and horrible support team, my account was fully verified and i finally got the withdrawal unblocked .

    MrTrader Published in Brazil
    Unable to withdraw Dukascopy
    Dukascopy platform, cannot withdraw funds

    First, I said that I entered the wrong card number, the second step is to increase my credit score, the third step is to pay personal income tax for large withdrawals, and the fourth step is to transfer foreign banks to pay deposits.

    FXYHOwyb9743 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw USGFX
    USG cannot withdraw money, seek help, seek legal aid

    It’s been a year since USG didn’t give money. The account manager switched to DOOPRIme and blocked my WeChat and QQ accounts today.

    FXPYRarr6251 Published in China
    Others JINRONG
    Going to run away

    Now it starts to appear that the account cannot be recharged, and then consult the customer service, the customer service becomes a robot, and the account has not been accounted for. You are going to run away, everyone must be careful. Don't be fooled

    FXDMWtla1481 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw ATFX
    The platform protects illegal agents and does not give money

    The Taiwan agent Xu Guanyu (ATFX agent number: 1000015900) of the platform used the method of dividend to induce me, borrowed my credit card to deposit 4,000 dollars into his account, and charged 1,000 dollars in tuition in the name of teaching technology (without actual teaching) ), the agent induced me to deposit 500 US dollars into my account on behalf of me, and was not responsible after the liquidation. The platform accepts third-party deposits (you do not need to deposit funds in person), which is a black platform practice, and has communicated with the platform customer service many times. All I got is the response that has been responded to the relevant unit, please wait patiently, and the dispute with the agent needs to be resolved with the agent. In the end, the agent uses someone else's credit card to deposit into my account. I requested a withdrawal, but I was told Credit card deposits can only withdraw funds to credit cards. It requires the company to provide relevant provisions on this point, but is unwilling to provide it. Obviously, it protects the agent in disguise.

    FXMERwby5130 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw BNP Markets

    Stay away from this broker, they are only collecting money from traders, and they never return them, not even the deposit. I am trining to recover my money since march, but no success. STAY AWAY!

    FXOLCwgg5821 Published in Romania
    Unable to withdraw BERVEY
    Unable to withdraw Bervey

    My withdraw always get rejected.. tried to contact their customer service via whats app n email but no respond Need help

    FXKBCfwh4334 Published in Australia
    Others Largus Brokers
    Largus Brokers. Couldn't access the website after funding account...

    Couldn't log into the account after funding. No access to the website....

    FXLRVfpo4567 Published in South Africa
    Scam RTG
    Be aware of the rtg platform and related fund companies which absorb clients’ loss fund by recruiting traders , in avoidance of getting cheated.RTG

    Some fund companies use this platform to recruit forex traders and provide pre-job training. Before the training, they said you don’t need to invest your own money to make a firm offer. The company invests all the money before the training. After the training, the trainees are induced to pay risk funds before the real deal. the company said itself and the students would share the risk, and actually the company absorbed clients’ loss. It is very complicated to ask them to refund the risk fund if you decide to stop trading midway. The platform should say it needs to contact the fund company by phone to see if there is something wrong with the team led by a teacher. The platform should ask me why I have to withdraw money. In fact, the platform and the company belong to one side and absorb clients’loss together.

    FXWTRsln9128 Published in China
    Others Deriv
    manipulation of candle

    manipulation of candle time

    FXYMOlsn9919 Published in Nigeria
    Unable to withdraw BTCUSDT
    Can't withdraw

    The account can’t be used, even the customer service staff does not reply to the application for withdrawal. When I asked the customer service staff to withdraw, he said that I need to pay for 20 and even withdrawal of the principal would be paid.I asked him, and they said that there was not any fee needs to pay. The customer service staff represents the company, but he didn’t show much integrity at all, and his attitude was very bad.

    FXIEUrob3509 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw SEALARK
    ถอนเงินไม่ได้ ขี้โกงค่ะ Can’t Withdraw Anything

    Waiting 3Weeks can’t withdraw

    FXJNGgnk3761 Published in Thailand
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