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    FXVWDcgo8744 Trader
    Released in China

    Axi deducted rollover and bonus without my permission, making positions wiped out. And then the market became better

    1: The crude oil was invested since December 21. The next day I saw that their rollover was -23 pips for long orders and 20 pips for empty orders, so I specifically consulted the customer service of the platform's official website. The customer service said that the overnight fee is Normal (there are screenshots showing the overnight fee of MT4 software and screenshots of consulting customer service) 2: After confirming that the overnight fee is correct, I re-operated the crude oil empty order on December 22 and held the position until January 4 for a total of 14 days , And a part of it slowly increased in the middle
    3: On January 4, the platform privately deducted all the overnight interest and bonus I received, which caused the account to be directly liquidated at the high position of crude oil, and then the crude oil began to plummet
    4: Contact the platform, the platform said they set the wrong crude oil overnight fee, so they have to deduct it (I have been operating the crude oil for half a month and they did not realize the error, just when the crude oil new high was deducted and the position could be liquidated. Deductions will not be liquidated at any time within half a month. Only on January 4th, is there such a coincidence?)
    5: Let’s take a step back. Even if they set the wrong settings, it’s completely their own problems. Their mistakes have seriously affected my judgment of operation (for other varieties, I usually do short-term operations in Weicang because of customer service. It is said that the overnight fee is normal, so I placed a heavier list on crude oil to prepare for the midline)
    6: Regarding the bonus issue, the platform said that the bonus cannot carry losses. When the net value is lower than the credit limit, the bonus will be deducted. However, the situation at that time was that my net worth was still about $3,000 after deducting the overnight fee. (Initially deposit 7990, bonus 1598), much higher than 1598, did not meet the conditions for deduction of bonus (all transaction records can be checked)
    7: Don’t let customers pay for platform errors

    The following is the original
    1:12月21号开始操作了原油,第二天看到他们的隔夜费多单是-23个点,空单是20个点,所以专门咨询了平台官网的客服,客服说这个过夜费是正常的(有MT4软件隔夜费显示截图和咨询客服的截图)2:确定了隔夜费正确后,12月22我就又开了原油空单,并且一直持仓到1月4号总共有14天时间 3:1月4号,平台私自把隔夜利息和赠金全部扣掉,导致账号在原油的高位直接爆仓,随后原油开始爆跌 4:联系平台,平台说原油隔夜费他们设置错了,所以要扣除(我操作了半个月的原油他们都没有就意识到错误,刚好在原油新高扣掉可以爆仓的时候意识到了,这半个月内任何时候扣掉都不会爆仓,只有1月4号这天,会有这么巧合的事吗?) 5:先退一步来讲,就算他们设置错了,也完全是他们自己的问题,他们这种错误严重影响到了我的操作判断(别的品种我一般都是轻仓的短线操作,就是因为客服说隔夜费收取的是正常,所以才在原油上下了比较重的单子准备做中线) 6:官网客服说的话难道当时让我不相信?提前问不说错误,半个月后再以错误为由扣款让客户爆仓,这和诈骗有什么区别?



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