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    ICM - 交易编号-36740572 Trader
    Released in United States

    transaction number 36740572

    36740572 transaction number-1900066341 server-ICMarkets Live19 transaction number-36740572 ICM back-end tampering order #36749572, turned into an empty order for 100 lots of XAU/USD, resulting in a loss-HKD63,577.30. The complaint is as follows:
    1. International Capital Markets Pty Ltd called it "ICM" and tampered with order #36749572 from the backend.
    2. I shorted XAU/USD at $1892.80, and the closing price was 1893.55, which resulted in a loss of -63,577.30 HKD. In the 32 minutes of floating loss, my floating loss reached 30 W Hong Kong dollars, but I insisted on closing the position until the loss reached zero. Finally, the profit became + HKD60,000. However, ICM slipped, from a profit of HKD60,000 to a loss of HKD63,577.30. ICM explained to me that there is no best price transaction in the heavy trading market, so there will be slippage, the total slippage is 9 points! ICM said it would compensate me HK$4652.13 in good faith. I also kindly responded to ICM. Without the compensation of HKD63,577.30, I will never end with you. I lost 410,000 Hong Kong dollars from April to December 2020, and finally won back. You played with me and tampered with my hand count. I want to make me lose again. If I don't lose, I will play 9 points again. I have formally lodged a complaint with the AFCA in Australia, and I will come up to update the progress. Let's review the ICM together

    The following is the original
    ICM 交易编号-36740572
    36740572交易号-1900066341服务器-ICMarkets Live19交易编号-36740572 ICM后端篡改订单#36749572, 变成100手黄金的空单,导致损失-HKD63,577.30。投诉如下: 1.International Capital Markets Pty Ltd将其称为“ ICM” 从后端篡改了订单#36749572。 2.我在$1892.80做空黄金,结果平仓价格在1893.55, 导致亏损-63,577.30港元。在浮亏的32 分钟里,我的浮亏去到30W港币了, 但我坚持亏损到0才平仓。好不容易盈利变成+ HKD60,000。但ICM滑我点, 从盈利HKD60,000变到亏损HKD63,577.30。 ICM向我解释说,重仓交易市场上就没有最好的价格成交, 所以就会滑点,总滑点是9个点! ICM说给我补偿港币4652.13元表示善意。我也善意的回覆ICM了, 没有HKD63,577.30 的补偿, 我就跟你们没完。我在20204月到12月亏了41万港币, 好不容易赢回来了你跟我玩阴的篡改我的手数, 想让我一下亏回去, 亏不回去, 再玩阴的滑9个点。我己经正式的向澳大利亚的AFCA投诉了, 我再上来更新进展。大家一起共审ICM



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