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    名分蜜蜂马丁名分 Agent
    Released in Malaysia


    The prices in Cooper markets (CPM) slipped. The announcement issued today thought that the investment was a fool and wanted to cheat our hard-earned money. CPM made a lot of fat this time. If slippage asks you to be fake, you must be true. If the license is fake, it’s too much to enter the B book. I hope that the platform will provide a solution. The withdrawal has not been received for more than 15 days. Please pay quickly.

    The following is the original
    Cooper markets ( CPM )做滑点,今天发的通告以为投资着是傻子,想骗我们的血汗钱,CPM 这次赚到很肥,滑点请你要做假的话,也要做到真一点,牌照假的,全部进 B book ,太过分了,希望平台真给与解决方案,withdrawal 已经超过15天 没到账了,please 快点出钱。



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